Jesse Jackson sexually assaulted a journalist — will he ever face consequences?

December 5, 2017

Jesse Jackson sexually assaulted a journalist — will he ever face consequences? UCC Media Justice OC Inc. / CCL

Go ahead and add Rev. Jesse Jackson to the list of liberals with grabby hands and perverted minds. Multiple media publications reported last month that Jackson was accused of sexual harassment for making lewd comments and placing his hands all over a young journalist from The Root.

However, the reverend’s actions constitute more than simple harassment; what Jackson did to reporter Danielle Young was undoubtedly sexual assault, a crime that comes with significant prison sentencing in most states. It’s time to bring his career of political activism and race-baiting to a disgraceful end.

More than simple sexual harassment

Conservative Institute reported on Jackson’s shameless behavior last month, when Young came forward with shocking allegations against the former legislator. She described her brief yet unforgettable encounter with the leader of the ultra-left Rainbow/PUSH coalition as “a professional environment [turned] into a playground of flirting, grabbing and sexual talk.”

The career democrat initiated his assault by giving Young unwanted sexual attention and repeatedly making sexual references. Young described her experience in an essay written for the far-left online publication The Root.

The encounter began when Jackson appeared at Young’s former place of business to give a speech on the responsibilities of black journalists. Young described the reverend’s remarks as “riveting and inspiring,” and explained how she took her place in line to shake hands with the “living legend:”

“I walked toward Jackson, smiling, and he smiled back at me. His eyes scanned my entire body. All of a sudden, I felt naked in my sweater and jeans. As I walked within arm’s reach of him, Jackson reached out a hand and grabbed my thigh, saying, ‘I like all of that right there!’ and gave my thigh a tight squeeze.”

Disarmed and tormented

As the scores of women that have come forward in recent months demonstrates, celebrity predators have a way of disarming women, taking them out of their element and compromising their ability to defend themselves in the presence of a man that they once admired. This is precisely how Young responded to her own abuser:

I did what most women in an uncomfortable position do: I giggled. And I continued to giggle as he pulled me in closer, stared down at my body, smiled and told me he was only kidding. The entire time, my co-worker snapped photos.

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Journalist Danielle Young Has Accused Rev Jesse Jackson Of Sexual Harassment After He Allegedly Grabbed Her Thigh At A Photo Op

Young recalls “cringing on the inside” as Jackson’s unwanted hands explored her body. She just wanted it to end, Young explains:

In many of the photos, you can see that I am visibly uncomfortable but attempting to laugh it all off. In the last photo, I am pointing to the camera, asking him if we can just take the picture.

Even now, Young finds excuses for the man she once admired as a personal hero. Though state laws vary regarding punishment for sexual assault, federal law looks at this offense quite seriously and permits a maximum 20-year sentence for perpetrators.

Like many other Democrats who have been accused of various sex crimes, Jackson has positioned himself as a champion of women’s rights. When an African American woman accused three white lacrosse players from the Duke University of rape, Jackson offered to pay for her tuition, even if her story was proven to be fabricated (the case was thrown out and identified as a hoax).

Time to resign

Jackson’s response to his own accusations of assault does not provide much confidence to his supporters. An official from Rainbow/Push gave a halfhearted answer to Young’s allegations that could be simultaneously received as an admission and a denial. “Although Rev. Jackson does not recall the meeting three years ago,” the official said, “he profoundly and sincerely regrets any pain Ms. Young may have experienced.”

That’s not going to cut it. As Young explained, “My silence gave Jackson permission to continue grabbing at the next pair of thick thighs he liked. I’m hoping that my voice does the opposite.”

The victim’s voice should completely discredit Jackson. Following a lengthy career of pointing the finger at purported bigots, racists and xenophobes, it’s time that Jackson pays the price for his hypocrisy. His fall from grace should include criminal charges and his resignation from the many political posts he occupies.

Anything less would be criminal.

Benjamin Baird

Benjamin Baird is a senior staff writer for the Conservative Institute. He is a veteran infantryman of Iraq and Afghanistan with over 1000 days in combat and holds a degree in Middle Eastern studies from the American Military University. Ben is a regular contributor at the Middle East Forum and has written for dozens of conservative publications, including The Daily Caller, American Spectator, American Thinker, New English Review and Yahoo News.