Heckler accuses Joe Biden of child molestation at promotional event for Biden’s upcoming memoir

June 13, 2018

Heckler accuses Joe Biden of child molestation at promotional event for Biden’s upcoming memoir Drop of Light / Shutterstock.com

Former Vice President Joe Biden encountered a brave and insistent heckler during a recent stop on his nationwide book tour over the weekend. Instead of badgering the lifelong Democrat with cheers and jeers, however, Biden’s tormentor came armed with specific, sensational accusations of sexual assault and pedophelia.

Biden was promoting his memoir, Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship and Purpose, at the Grand Wilmington in Delaware on Sunday when the indecorous interruption threatened to upend his interview by accusing him of molesting young girls on national television.

Unwanted interruption 

According to The News Journal in Wilmington, Biden was remembering how his late son Beau reacted to the news that a pediatrician was convicted for sexually molesting infants when a man stood up and interjected: “What about the girls you molested on C-SPAN at the Senate swearing in?” Take a look:

The heckler was immediately shouted down by an angry and unamused crowd. Conservative Institute has identified the insurgent as Howard Caplan, a Philadelphia activist who sometimes goes by David Howard and whose Twitter page is decorated with #pizzagate conspiracy theories and images of the former vice president that he believes provides incontrovertible proof of inappropriate sexual conduct.

“This is not Trump world,” Biden declared to the immense satisfaction of a supportive crowd. Security escorted the recalcitrant spectator from the auditorium, but not before he captured video evidence of his daring exchange with the former vice president.

Somehow, Caplan obtained a premium seat at the event and was sitting just behind prominent lawmakers and Valerie Biden, the former vice president’s sister. Event officials later explained that they had no idea how Caplan came to be in the VIP section.

Caplan later posted the video on social media, where it appeared next to dozens of posts on his account claiming to show a touchy-feely Biden in compromising positions as he repeatedly violates the personal space of women and girls. Critics insist that the Democrat’s lingering touch and awkward kisses represent the disgusting acts of a man who, despite being surrounded by cameras, cannot suppress his perverted urges.

Heckler for hire

Biden wasn’t the first victim of Caplan’s unkind interjections. He cut twice-failed presidential nominee Hillary Clinton off in 2016 during a campaign stump speech, telling the former secretary of State: “You’re going to prison!”

Later, events took a turn for the worst during a speaking engagement dubbed, “A conversation with President Bill Clinton” when Howard shouted, “Why did you fly on Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’ 26 times? Twenty-six times, Bill! What were you doing on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane?”

Additionally, during a televised open phones forum on C-SPAN, a Philadelphia man who identified himself as David Howard excoriated Washington Journal host John McArdle for refusing to adequately cover sex trafficking arrests around the country. He maintained McArdle’s attention until his monologue veered off into the surreal when he proclaimed, “Pizzagate is real, Pedogate is real,” prompting the host to end the conversation immediately.

“It’s On Us”

Biden, a potential Democratic contender in the 2020 presidential race, has taken on a leading role in the “It’s On Us” movement to combat sexual assault across America’s college campuses. He has made appearances on colleges to discuss the pandemic and released public service announcements designed to foster greater awareness of the troubling phenomenon.

Speaking at an anti-sexual assault rally at the University of Miami, Biden famously stated that he would “beat the hell” out of President Donald Trump over his treatment of women if the pair were still in high school.

“Sexual assault is about power and the abuse of power more than it is about sex,” he lectured students at the same event. Fortunately for Biden, his resident heckler-in-chief wasn’t there to interrupt.


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