Jeanine Pirro, Juan Williams engage in heated impeachment debate on ‘The Five’

November 19, 2019

Judge Jeanine Pirro brought some chaos to Fox News panel show The Five earlier this week with her popular brand of no-holds barred commentary.

The Trump booster got into a shouting match with Juan Williams on Monday after the Democrat contributor mocked Republicans for ignoring the impeachment hearings, Medaite reported. The argument got personal after Williams told Pirro that as a judge she should “know better” than to defend the president’s due process rights when impeachment is not a legal proceeding.

Pirro clashes with Williams

Pirro was wading into friendly territory after Greg Gutfeld delivered a scorching diatribe attacking the media for its pretentiously “solemn” coverage of numerous “farces,” from the Russia hoax to the Kavanaugh hearings and now Ukraine-gate. Gutfeld said that people should give the “finger” to the media by tuning out the impeachment hearings to binge-watch Netflix shows.

Then Pirro jumped in, criticizing Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) for shifting the burden of proof onto Trump to demonstrate his own innocence. Pirro slammed the impeachment hearings as a “bunch of hogwash” and “hearsay” and said that it’s time for the left to “get over it,” causing Williams’ eyes to light up in disbelief.

Williams then joked that his Republican co-hosts are desperate for the American people to tune out of the impeachment hearings and cited polls that show support for Trump’s removal is climbing, including an ABC poll which showed that 51% of Americans think Trump should be impeached. Pirro, incredulous, fired back that the left is just “trashing [President Trump] every day” and doesn’t actually care about legal process.

“For a judge, you should know better,” Williams fired back, prompting Pirro to snap, “Do not go there!”

The two continued to scream over each other, with Williams arguing that the impeachment is not a legal proceeding, so Trump is not entitled to due process. Pirro pressed that Congress hasn’t even decided what they’re accusing Trump of doing.

Americans tuning out impeachment hearings

Jesse Watters broke up the dispute by noting that polls can be misleading since they reflect the influence of the media’s “brainwashing” of the public. Williams pressed his case, quipping that all of Trump’s “guys” can watch the impeachment comfortably from inside of prison.

“You can watch it from jail,” Williams said. “Roger Stone, Paul Manafort. All the best people in jail. All of Trump’s guys.”

While the argument looked friendly enough, it reflects how deeply divergent political realities have become for Republicans and Democrats. While the mainstream media has played up the impeachment hearings as a solemn and historic affair, Republicans have mocked them as a farce with no basis — as some media outlets fret that people are tuning out after years of endless, anti-Trump plots from the Democrats.

Watters went on to observe that voters are “fatigued” and don’t know how to tell truth from fact after the media deceived the American people in the Russia collusion hoax. He specifically cited a New York Times article that discussed the largely indifferent attitude of many Americans now have toward the Ukraine controversy.

A new NPR poll found that Americans have largely made up their minds on whether Trump should be impeached, with the electorate roughly split on the question.


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