Liberal pundit calls on Shepard Smith, Chris Wallace to leave Fox News’ ‘reservoir of hate’

There are a number of folks in the predominately liberal establishment media and left-leaning blogosphere who simply can’t tolerate the fact that the Fox News Channel, and its right-leaning primetime opinion hosts, refuse to parrot the standard progressive narratives of the day or to bash President Donald Trump on a nonstop basis. Those leftists have declared all-out ideological war against the network.

A big part of their strategy has involved coordinated attempts to bring Fox primetime hosts into line (if not have them removed from the air altogether) but that effort has yet to bear fruit, a fact that has caused at least one liberal writer — who refers to himself on Twitter as “Tommy X-TrumpIsARacist-opher” — to call on anchors Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace to resign in protest.

This guy really, really hates Fox News

The call for Smith and Wallace to quit Fox News came from Tommy Christopher, a far-left activist and avowed Trump-hater who writes for Mediaite and has seemingly made bringing about the downfall of Fox News his top priority.

Christopher’s main argument is that the dividing line between Fox’s opinion and news sides has become increasingly blurred, so much so that anchors like Smith and Wallace can no longer hide behind the supposed divide or their stellar reputations as objective journalists to avoid being lumped in with the supposedly hateful racists and xenophobes that populate the network’s nightly lineup.

He praised Smith and Wallace for their tendency to ask tough questions of Trump administration officials and supporters as well as their habit of bucking the right-leaning narratives put forward by the opinion hosts. However, that is now insufficient in Christopher’s mind.

An open letter

In an “open letter” to Smith and Wallace, Christopher wrote: “Quit now, while you can still make a difference.”

He went on: “I know you’ve tried to fight the good fight from within at Fox News, but it is no longer enough. And I know that there are [a few] others who are similarly situated, who try to do good work while holding their noses. They don’t have the profile that you two have, although I would obviously encourage them to let their consciences guide them similarly.”

Christopher proceeded to bash Fox News as thoroughly racist and even “dangerous” in the current day and harped on the network’s coverage of the recent mass shooting in El Paso, Texas with particular attention to primetime host Tucker Carlson’s commentary on the purported threat of white supremacy.

The apparent “crimes” of Carlson and others at Fox who don’t mimic the same narratives as the rest of the liberal media are too great for anyone to surmount, even if the primetime hosts were to profusely apologize for their prior thought crimes and toe the liberal line from here on out. Christopher essentially asserted that Smith and Wallace needed to jump ship or risk going down with it.

Get out while you can

“But none of those things are going to happen,” Christopher wrote. “What can happen is that the two of you can recognize that this is a bridge too far, that there is no redeeming value in contributing to an enterprise that would engage the likes of these people, that you could find a welcome home at any news outlet, and quit loudly.

“Your departures would not remedy all the damage that has been done, but they would send the powerful message that there are some assaults on decency that cannot be walled off, some harms that cannot be soothed by scare-quoted fairness and balance, some stories to which there are not two sides,” he added. “You can no longer safely continue your toils next to this reservoir of hate. The dam has broken, and you can either run for higher ground, or drown in it.”

Oddly enough, there are a plethora of right-leaning Fox News viewers that would like nothing better than to see liberal-leaning anti-Trump anchors like Smith and Wallace exit for another network, so if Christopher was hoping to provoke conservatives into defending these Fox anchors, he is sorely mistaken.

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