BREAKING: Maxine Waters Caught in Financial Scandal

October 18, 2017

When you’re Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), spending $10,000 on tickets to the Broadway production of Hamilton may be explained away as a fundraising expense.

Waters’ House campaign committee paid a hefty sum for the hard-to-come-by tickets to the hottest show in town, proving once again that, for the Democratic Party, it pays to play.

Waters’ team has not yet commented on the scandal.

Poverty princess strikes again

A Federal Election Commission (FEC) report details the $10,747.15 that Citizens for Waters wrote off as fundraising costs in a quarterly breakdown of receipts and disbursements. Journalist Lachlan Markay shared a copy of the incriminating document via Twitter:

Lachlan Markay on Twitter

Maxine Waters paid $10k for Hamilton tickets, itemized as a “fundraiser expense”

Waters would fit in nicely with the gushing fans of the “hip hop musical,” considered high culture for America’s bourgeois left. Liberals responded to the play with the fervor of an Obama inauguration, prompting progressives like New York Times columnist Ben Brantley to write:

I am loath to tell people to mortgage their houses and lease their children to acquire tickets to a hit Broadway show.

The rhyming histrionics that permeate the production have been described as “nerdcore,” an oxymoronic subculture of hip hop that clumsily embraces nerd culture while retaining the deftness of the tradition. In other words, very few people can actually identify with the musical, and fewer still have actually seen it.

Founding Fakers

It takes someone with political clout to secure tickets to the perpetually-sold-out show. That is, of course, unless you are a liberal heroine with deep connections with the artistic left.

Surely, Waters would have applauded outspoken social justice advocate and Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda had the Congresswomen been present to see him excoriate Vice President Mike Pence in front of a packed Broadway house.

The rapping revolutionary lectured the vice president about serving for all Americans, and answering to American minorities. Of course, the anti-Trump audience of progressive elite showcased their class and respect by booing Pence when they learned of his presence.

Liberals admit that they would do anything for Hamilton tickets. For Waters, this may have meant running afoul of House ethics rules for the illegitimate use of fundraising expenses.


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Benjamin Baird

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