BREAKING: Democrat Introduces Articles of Impeachment Against Trump

From day one, Democrats and liberals have sought to undermine the legitimacy and efficacy of White House. Just this last week, they took a new step to do so.

On Monday, June 12, Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) become the second member of Congress to recommend the impeachment of President Donald Trump. He distributed an article of impeachment on the basis of obstruction of justice to each member of the House of Representatives.

Another Democrat proposes impeachment

According to Rep. Sherman, there is a “sufficient” amount of evidence of obstruction to begin impeachment proceedings.

He said:

As to Obstruction of Justice and 18 U.S.C. § 1512 (b)(3), the evidence we have is sufficient to move forward now. And the national interest requires that we do so.

The first congressman to propose impeachment was Rep. Al Green (D-TX) in May. He has continued to call for the president’s removal even though it would leave Vice President Mike Pence in office.

Rep. Sherman stated that he is not acting “for partisan advantage,” rather, he is proposing impeachment to “ensure a competent government that respects the Constitution and the rule of law, even if we end up with a president who is effective and dedicated to regressive policies.”

The problem with the obstruction case

Making the charges of obstruction of justice stick may not be as easy as Mr. Sherman seems to believe. While President Trump is being investigated by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, it is doubtful that concrete evidence of obstruction will surface.

Constitutional expert, former Harvard Law Professor, and Hillary Clinton supporter Alan Dershowitz says that the opposing side will have a hard time proving obstruction.

On CNN’s Newsroom, he stated that Trump’s actions do not constitute the crime of which the left is accusing him, saying:

The president could have told Comey, you are commanded, directed, to drop the prosecution against Flynn. The president has the right to do that. Comey acknowledges that. He says in the statement that historically, historically presidents have done that to the Justice Department.

Dershowitz went on to state:

You cannot have obstruction of justice when the president exercises his constitutional authority to pardon, his constitutional authority to fire the director of the FBI, or his constitutional authority to tell the director of the FBI who to prosecute, who not to prosecute.

It should be noted that while there is not enough evidence to mount a legal case against the president, impeachment does not require that a crime is perpetrated. If the Senate feels the president is being “obstructionist,” it could result in the president’s removal.

However, it is likely that they will need more evidence to successfully impeach the president. Either way, it is clear that the left is intent on getting rid of President Trump using whatever means they can.

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