BREAKING: Barack Obama is Back

August 12, 2017

BREAKING: Barack Obama is Back Frederic Legrand - COMEO /

Even usually left-leaning outfits like CNN and MNSBC have admitted that the Democratic party is in trouble. However, it looks like the last wildly successful Democrat is planning on a big comeback in order to rally the party once again.

It has been reported that aides close to former President Barack Obama will begin mapping out a strategy for him in the following weeks. The entire plan is designed to have Mr. Obama emerge back on the national scene in the fall as the standard-bearer for the fragmented Democratic party.

This information comes just weeks after Texas Governor Greg Abbott warned that thanks to money from George Soros, Obama, Eric Holder and the National Democratic Redistricting Committee are currently in the process of trying to create “deep blue” districts across the country.

Other Republicans have long warned their colleagues and the public about Obama’s “shadow government” which is using both far-Left organizations and deep state allies to “undermine” the Trump administration.

A Party on the Verge of Collapse? 

2016 was not a very good year for the Democratic party. Not only did candidate Hillary Clinton lose the White House, but the House of Representatives and the Senate were retained by Republican majorities.

2017 has not been any better. Since the presidential election, Democrats have lost four key House races in states as diverse as Montana and Georgia. In the latter, Democrat Jon Ossoff received a whopping $23 million from the party and big name Hollywood donors and still lost to his Republican rival.

Recent financial paperwork also reveals that the Democratic National Committee has $1.9 million in debts and is more unpopular than ever. The DNC is struggling to survive in the face of financial stress as well as several scandals.

The Last Great Hope? 

If former President Obama does agree to return to the spotlight once again, then Democrats are hoping that he could unite the party like he did in 2008 and 2012. Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems facing the Dems is that many of Obama’s voters came out in favor of Trump in key swing states like Iowa, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

The party has subsequently missed opportunities to win those voters back with their consistent labeling of Trump supporters as “racist,” “xenophobic,” and “Islamophobic.”

If he takes the reigns of the Democratic Party, Obama’s biggest issue may be the future of the party’s base. Already, some Democrats are telling the party to abandon white working class voters altogether. That’s a risky move.

Even left-wing journalist Fareed Zakaria admits that the Democratic party is unpopular with most Americans on immigration and is failing to create a message of national unity.

This is the mess that Obama hopes to reorganize. Of course, it’s also the mess he helped to create.

Benjamin Welton

Benjamin Welton is a writer based in Boston. His work has appeared in The Weekly Standard, The Atlantic Magazine and The Daily Caller. He has an M.A. in English Literature from the University of Vermont and Bachelors degrees in English Literature and History from West Virginia University.