JOHN RANSOM: The Democrats stay out of jail using this easy trick

February 11, 2018

There is no amount of filth that this country won’t eat to keep the Democrat Party alive.

That filth is rubbing off on the FBI.

As scandal after scandal erupts over political bias run rampant in the top levels of law enforcement under Obama, each new revelation is subject to a host of so-called “fact-checkers” and paid media scribblers who keep insisting that the Emperors clothes are not only stylish, but made from earth-friendly fabrics.

Newly disclosed texts from FBI paramours Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, one or both of whom was involved in investigations involving President Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, raise questions about objectivity inside the FBI and DOJ that amongst honest people – the American people—demand a serious inquiry.

It’s an inquiry the Democrats will do everything to prevent. It’s trick Democrats use time and again to stay out of jail.

As is common with liberals, despite strong appearances of veniality, corruption and a quest only for GOP scalps amongst top elected Democrats, there is never a moment of self-doubt. There is never a thought that maybe, just maybe, the people who lead the party have betrayed and corrupted a political movement that many of us have left over the years as it betrayed and corrupted the soul of the country.

In place of principles, the Democrats instead lead a quest to elect the first Southerner, or African American or girlfriend or (fill-in the blank here) to high public office as if the mere fact of race, gender or identity is progress.

The facts show that it’s progress for the few, at the expense of the rest of us, white, black, brown, yellow, male, female or undecided.

Exhibit Number One in the indictment of the Democrats, was, is and continues to be that after losing every other election but the presidency, once Obama was gone, they promptly lost the presidency to Donald Trump, who makes George W. Bush look like a priss.

And let’s be honest: Trump’s not a great politician. His victory wasn’t like the Philadelphia Eagles beating the New England Patriots; no, it was more like the Cleveland Browns beating the Boston Patriots.

The Democrats should be ashamed at the loss.

But somewhere along the way the very concept of shame became politically taboo amongst them. I thought they had shame when they tried to replace Jimmy Carter on the ballot at the 1980 convention. But then I remember their replacement was Senator Teddy Kennedy.

You might remember him. He’s the guy who embarrassed even the Kennedys with his #metoo moments, including never, ever taking responsibility for walking away from a 28-year old girl who drowned in his car in the Chappaquiddick. He never spent time in jail for it.

His nephew, Joe Kennedy III, the Boston patriot, was just on TV, bashing Tump’s well-received State of the Union address, leading from behind, just like Tom Brady.

You might remember his father.  He’s Robert Kennedy Jr., the guy busted for heroin possession, and, who, like Teddy, never spent time in jail. Junior recently wrote a book defending another Kennedy relation, Michael Skakel, who was convicted of killing a 15-year old girl with a golf club in 1975.  Skakel is out of jail, awaiting an appeal decision after serving 11 years of a twenty-years-to-life sentence.

I guess bad things just happen to good people, sometimes, huh?  It only took 27 years to convict Skakel in 2002. But he’s out again now, waiting on an appeal, another victory for those Boston patriots, the Kennedys, second in line to the Clinton family for the presidency.

While conventional wisdom amongst conservatives says that only Trump was tough enough to withstand the unbridled stampede of “objective” journalists who likely met in the bowels of the internet to discuss “objectively” how to kill off, politically, each GOP candidate, this was the GOP’s election to lose.

And all of the GOP leaders, maybe even including Trump, did their best to lose it.

It was only Hillary’ stupidity and her culpability combined with the desire of someone, somewhere in the FBI to tend to justice that prevented her election.

Because while one can argue the guilt or innocence of Trump and Hillary, the texts from Page and Strzok make clear that the FBI investigations were tainted by bias because the investigators were biased.

It’s the same type of bias that kept the Kennedys out of jail.

It’s time for an open, independent and bipartisan investigation of the FBI that restores the faith of the American people that justice isn’t just served for some families, and not for others.

It’s a filthy trick that has plagued real government reform forever.


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John Ransom

John Ransom is a politics and economics writer and editor with offices in Washington DC and Singapore. Previously he was a regular contributor to the Daily Caller and Finance Editor at His work has appeared on The,, the LA Business Journal, and other outlets. Ransom has appeared with Steve Forbes on the Money Show, Fox Business with Stuart Varney and Charles Payne, and regularly hosted his own syndicated radio show in 25 cities on the Wall Street Business Network, a Salem Network.