JOHN RANSOM: Trump is driving the media insane

January 10, 2018

JOHN RANSOM: Trump is driving the media insane

The Committee to Protect Journalists lost its mind this week.


This is the week that the Committee, also known as simply CPJ, awarded President Donald Trump an achievement award for being the biggest oppressor of press freedoms.

At a time when CPJ allies in the liberal, leftist press are engaged in the dubious, unethical, and possibly illegal action of employing ivory-tower psychologists to claim Trump is mentally unfit to be president — making a diagnosis from press clippings — most of us are more worried about abuse by the press, rather than abuse of the press.

In case you missed it, Yale psychology professor Dr. Bandy X. Lee has been on a tour to sell her book claiming Trump is mentally unfit to be president. And she has enlisted the aid of the press — by giving a private briefing on Trump’s mental health — to members of Congress.

Prevented by the ethics of her profession from making such a diagnosis from afar has deterred neither the professor, nor the press, nor even Congress in treating Lee’s book with a seriousness that should make honest people blush.

Meanwhile, at the Golden Globes, the media, and the celebrities they fawn over, rebuked Donald Trump, the male billionaire real estate mogul-TV-star-president by allowing Oprah, the female, billionaire, media-TV star to announce that she too will someday run for president. And NBC endorsed her. Hurrah for the free press!

In previous years, Trump probably would have been invited to the awards show. But then Trump became a Republican, and now, by virtue of ideology, he is mentally unfit and so-not-invited to the trick-or-treating at the awards show because of the danger he would pose to a free press.

Never mind that Russia, China, Myanmar, Sudan, and a host of other countries routinely jail, and sometimes kill journalists. Trump is the danger to the free press.

Never mind that the only recent president to have named a journalist as a criminal co-conspirator in order to investigate the reporter’s reporting was Barack Obama. Trump’s tweets are criminal.

Facts and the truth have nothing to do with this.


It’s the tweets that are killing the media. They hate the Trump tweets because they go over the heads of the press who never bother to look over their heads at the rest of the country. If it’s not happening in Manhattan, Hollywood, or Washington, they can’t see it — they don’t even understand it if they do see it.

For years the left and the press have been working to stigmatize conservative thought as both criminal and mentally deranged.

They have attacked our First Amendment rights not just saying we are wrong, but calling us crazy and criminal.

Unilaterally declaring Trump to be mentally unfit just because he doesn’t act politically correct on Twitter is just another facet of their inability to accept the verdict — and words — of the American people.

Since the attempt to remove Trump from office through criminal proceedings is tainted by corruption, they now will try to make the case that he’s crazy — because he attacks his opponents through words.

Most of us who support Trump wish he would act more presidential. But as time goes on we question if in doing so he would be more effective against people who put tactics above principles, winning above all else, their ambition above the interest of the country.

No American president, with the exception of Abraham Lincoln, has had to endure such abuse that Trump has. And this abuse will not end well for the country.

I have feared that this simmering hatred will result in more violence, less benevolence, and end as a shameful, tragic chapter in American history.

One day, when we all wake up, the left will have to ask themselves: “What the hell was I thinking?”

They aren’t thinking at all really.

And that’s halfway to — there’s that word again — insanity.

John Ransom

John Ransom is a politics and economics writer and editor with offices in Washington DC and Singapore. Previously he was a regular contributor to the Daily Caller and Finance Editor at His work has appeared on The,, the LA Business Journal, and other outlets. Ransom has appeared with Steve Forbes on the Money Show, Fox Business with Stuart Varney and Charles Payne, and regularly hosted his own syndicated radio show in 25 cities on the Wall Street Business Network, a Salem Network.