JOHN RANSOM: McCain, Comey, and Clapper: The Three Stooges of the Deep State

February 3, 2018

The reactions to the release of the House’s infamous FISA memo have been dependable, desperate, and dumb.

At least those from the three stooges from the Deep State with the most to lose.

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who often pretends to be president of the United States, is apparently outraged by the release of the House FISA memo. Former FBI director James Comey, fired by Donald Trump, is shocked by the memo’s recklessness. Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, is, well… James Clapper, a guy who has made a living on TV by opposing Donald Trump.

At the core of the memo is one central tenet: political bias led top political officials inside law enforcement to abuse their powers to spy on an ongoing presidential campaign — and they did so for political purposes.

While many dismiss the rhetoric from House Republicans as too breathless, lathered, and misleading, the opposite is true.

The citizens of the United States should be even more afraid of their government and its political leadership in law enforcement.

It’s now clear from the outset that the fix was in to do Trump in.

It’s been surmised for a long time that the information used to obtain warrants to spy on Trump came from the now-infamous dossier complied by Fusion GPS — paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. Later, the FBI also authorized payment to Fusion GPS for the same information.

The Nunes memo alleges that the source of the information, and its political ties, were knowingly withheld from the court that okayed spying on the Trump campaign.

Only stooges like McCain, Comey, and Clapper would say there was no conflict of interest in withholding that information from the court.

While it’s been widely reported that the FBI had evidence besides the Fusion GPS report to seek the power to spy on Trump and his associates, the Nunes memo says that the evidence cited was not collaborative, but was leaked to a media source by Fusion GPS. This was known by the FBI, but not disclosed to the court.

In fact, the continuing media leaks by Fusion GPS eventually caused the FBI to terminate their relationship with the company as a source, according to the memo.

Only stooges like McCain, Comey, and Clapper would say there was no conflict of interest in withholding that information from the court.

Then-Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr’s wife worked for Fusion GPS, and the company’s head, Christopher Steele, had told Ohr he “was desperate that Donald Trump not get elected and was passionate about him not, being president.”

This information, too, was withheld from the court.

Only stooges like McCain, Comey, and Clapper would say there was no conflict of interest there.

If Richard Nixon had such powers, the Plumbers wouldn’t have needed to break into the Democrats headquarters at the Watergate. They could have just filled out an application to spy on the Democrats.

Or maybe the Plumbers, being Republicans, still wouldn’t have been allowed to spy, because the same political bias that led to spying on Trump’s campaign seemingly exonerated Hillary Clinton of a crime she committed in front of the American people.

While it’s true that the Department of Justice declined to prosecute Hillary Clinton for the massive misuse of private email that created this saga to begin with, that doesn’t mean that the decision was right or good or unbiased.

Andrew McCabe, who recently resigned from the FBI, was charged with investigating Clinton’s emails. According to media accounts about an inspector general’s report that has not yet been released, McCabe withheld information about the investigation into Clinton’s misuse of private email servers for a month during the 2016 campaign before notifying anyone and investigating the information.

McCabe’s wife just happened to receive $500,000 from a key Clinton fundraiser and ally, then-Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, in 2015.

Yes, it’s not illegal for his McCabe’s wife to take the money — but that doesn’t make it right.

From the standpoint of the rest of us out here in corn country, it’s difficult to not see the conflicts of interest that the stooges McCain, Comey, and Clapper tell us don’t exist.

And if the stooges of the Deep State can persecute Donald Trump — and exonerate Hillary Clinton with such vaudevillian, carnival hucksterism — then democracy doesn’t stand a chance against them.


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John Ransom

John Ransom is a politics and economics writer and editor with offices in Washington DC and Singapore. Previously he was a regular contributor to the Daily Caller and Finance Editor at His work has appeared on The,, the LA Business Journal, and other outlets. Ransom has appeared with Steve Forbes on the Money Show, Fox Business with Stuart Varney and Charles Payne, and regularly hosted his own syndicated radio show in 25 cities on the Wall Street Business Network, a Salem Network.