MATTHEW BOOSE: Jussie Smollet hoax undercuts the ‘conservatives pounce’ rhetoric

February 19, 2019

MATTHEW BOOSE: Jussie Smollet hoax undercuts the ‘conservatives pounce’ rhetoric

After the Covington Catholic boys were exonerated, some on the Left fell back on a popular left-wing trope to pass blame for the disaster the media created.

Conservatives had pounced on the media’s innocent mistake to make them into the bad guys. The poor media was just doing their best to keep up with a rapidly evolving story. They didn’t have time to check Twitter for the full video!

With Covington, the “conservatives pounce” meme was used as a justification for the Left’s own pouncing. It was the conservatives who had pounced on the poor journalists who unwittingly tried to ruin a bunch of high school kids’ lives.

It wasn’t the first time. The “conservatives pounce” meme has been cropping up a lot lately. The Left said that conservatives “pounced” on late-term abortion bills in New York and Virginia to paint the Democrats as infanticidal monsters. The New York Times even accused conservatives of pouncing on the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic church to push an anti-LGBT agenda. Who pounced?

The “conservatives pounce” meme comes from people who are convinced that everything conservatives think and do is irrational. It fits nicely within the Left’s idea of conservatives as low-information alarmists and conspiracy theorists afraid of change. For the most part, it seems that conservatives “pounce” when they accurately sense that the Left is up to no good, which is basically all the time. It’s a clunky sleight of hand to gaslight the public when the Left’s lies become too brazen to hold up to basic scrutiny, as with the recent push for infanticide.

While the Left paints conservatives as a bunch of gullible, racist idiots, they rarely show any restraint when given the opportunity to promote their narratives with fake stories. The “conservatives pounce” trope seems to be a case of projection.

With the alleged hate crime attack on black actor Jussie Smollet now a suspected hoax, it looks like the Left has a fresh liberals pounce moment on their hands.

It would ascribe too much good faith to say that the Left rushed to judgment. It’s more like they are eager and actively looking for stories which depict whites, conservatives, and Trump supporters in a negative light.

This would hardly be the first time liberals pounced on a hate hoax to push their agenda. After Trump was elected, a series of news reports created the impression that America had become a racist version of The Purge. A bunch of rednecks and racists suddenly felt emboldened to go around ripping hijabs off Muslim women’s heads and spraying swastikas on churches.

Except many of these hateful attacks never actually happened. They were debunked one by one — the Covington hoax, only a month ago, was refuted in less than a day — and yet the “conservatives pounce” meme persists.

It says a lot about the Left’s cultural power that they can get away with gaslighting the public with false news stories again and again — even ruining lives in the process — and never face accountability.

The Left has the advantage in that their narratives currently dominate American culture, and therefore define what’s a “real” story and what isn’t. Whenever a hate hoax is debunked, the Left can fall back on blaming conservatives or conspiracy theories of systemic racism and bigotry to argue that — even if this one isolated incident is false — it’s representative of stuff that really happens every single day (but which, mysteriously, is seldom reported.)

See, it’s all about the big picture. The big picture defines the facts, not the other way around. The big picture is that Trump’s America is racist. The big picture is that the Kremlin put Trump in the White House. The big picture is that what never happened to Jussie Smollett could have happened, because that stuff happens all the time in Trump’s America. Never mind that it didn’t happen.

Rather than being defined by facts, the big picture defines which facts are meaningful and which are not. Isolated incidents of migrant crime don’t fit the big picture, so they don’t matter. Conservatives pounced on the Ronil Singh killing, and the recent MS-13 subway slaying too. Illegal immigrants actually commit less crime than American citizens, and MS-13 has been behaving lately, for the most part.

When the Buzzfeed story was debunked, the media went into a frenzy to keep stoking its paranoiac delusion of a discarded spy movie plot about Russian Facebook trolls electing an American president. CNN told viewers to focus on all the circumstantial “evidence” — Brian Stelter called it “smoke” — of collusion.

What caravans? What border crisis? Also, Russia.

The beauty of the big picture is that it’s ready-made, has no basis in fact, and can readily absorb counter-factual evidence as long as there is a believing public ready to accept it. The big picture is also a Big Lie. It might be cliché to compare the Left to the Nazis, but they learned something from Hitler: repeat a lie often enough and loudly enough, and sooner or later it becomes the truth.

Without the Big Lie, the media has nothing. While promoting hate hoax incidents that fit their narrative, the media has downplayed genuine hate crimes committed against whites and Trump supporters, like the savage assault of a disabled man shortly after the 2016 election by a group of black teens shouting, “f**k Trump” and “f**k white people.” A man was recently charged with pulling a gun on a Trump-hat wearing couple in Tennessee.

With the Smollett attack turning out to be another hoax, it wouldn’t be surprising if liberals accused conservatives of again pouncing on this one fake incident to make the Left look bad. Conservatives pounce on hate hoax to deny the reality of racism in Trump’s America, end quote.

Oh, liberals are already saying that? Never mind.

The media isn’t reporting facts. Their job is to keep the Big Lie spinning. As long as there are liberals who believe it, and people looking to be victims for fame and attention, these hate hoaxes will keep happening.


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Matthew Boose

Matthew Boose is a staff writer for Conservative Institute. He has a Bachelor's degree from Stony Brook University and has contributed to The Daily Caller and The Stony Brook Press.