DANIEL VAUGHAN: Jeffrey Epstein controls the elites from beyond the grave

Here’s how decrepit, corrupt, and rotten the ruling class and elites have gotten: In an argument on British television, “Royals expert” Lady Colin Campbell got thoroughly dressed down by Piers Morgan — yes, that Piers Morgan. And she deserved every word of Morgan’s scorn.

If Piers Morgan is correctly righteously indignant over your insane defense of Prince Andrew’s connection to the now-dead child-sex ring operator Jeffrey Epstein, you need to rethink your life.

But so far, no one is rethinking anything. The Jeffrey Epstein case underscores a straightforward fact: our elites are so thoroughly corrupt, their only defense is to say that your eyes are lying to you.

Epstein raped minors; he raped underage girls and had other girls find more victims for him. Epstein literally had a private island to hide his worldwide child-sex ring and his parties with the world’s most wealthy and famous. And his defenders are calling his victims prostitutes.

I suppose we should step back and talk about the event in question. Last week, Prince Andrew gave an awful interview with the BBC. As the New York Post reports, an interviewer asked Andrew why he remained friends with Epstein, partied with him, and stayed at his house.

Prince Andrew’s answer? I stayed friends with Epstein because I’m “too honorable.”

That interview was so unbelievably bad that he’s been banished to the Royals phantom zone. Officially, he’s pulling back from public events so as to not be a distraction.

In reality: he got caught with a deep and personal relationship with one of the most prolific child rapists the world has seen, and the British Royals don’t want any more attention on it.

We know this because the Royals trotted one of their close media enablers, Lady Colin Campbell. According to news.com.au, she appeared on Good Morning Britain to say:

You all seem to have forgotten that Jeffrey Epstein, the [offense] with which he was charged, and for which he was imprisoned, was soliciting prostitution from minors… That is not the same thing as [pedophilia].

A stunned Piers Morgan indignantly asked what Lady Colin Campbell would call it, and she said, “prostitution.” And according to Express, she defended Prince Andrew by arguing that he just wasn’t “that bright,” and that the interview was a mistake.

That entire sequence caused Piers Morgan to (rightfully) go off on her, pointing out that if you’re forcibly having sex with minors, that’s not prostitution, it’s raping a minor — it’s pedophilia.

But she continued pushing back on such an assertion, and defending Prince Andrew in the process. She’s now being pulled from events because anyone with a rational mind recognizes that as a defense of Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew’s conduct.

None of this is new. Everyone at that elite level knew. Johnny Carson was making jokes about Prince Andrew being into young girls in 1984. Prince Andrew was this way before Epstein; there’s no reason even remotely to think he was any different during his friendship with Epstein.

This corruption is the reality for our ruling class. Our elites sit and pontificate on what horrible living choices everyone under them makes daily. They lecture us that Brexit is a moral wrong, done only by the most racist of people; they talk about the importance of laws that benefit them; they pontificate on the importance of experts ruling a society. Meanwhile, they protect the Jeffrey Epstein’s of the world — people who are literally raping children.

And then, on television, we’re told that these children aren’t victims — they’re prostitutes.

It’s one thing to talk about draining a swamp. It’s quite another to come face-to-face with a swamp monster with tentacles flailing everywhere.

The more that comes out about Jeffrey Epstein, his empire, and how he preyed on underage girls and manipulated elites and institutions to protect himself and his racket, the more I understand the impulses of the repugnant, immoral French Revolution. You start looking at the pictures of the guillotine going after the French aristocracy, and there’s a certain elegant simplicity to it that you understand more after hearing today’s aristocrats defend child abuse and rape.

Coming from a more traditional Burkean tradition that correctly identifies all the flaws in the French Revolution, it’s not an impulse I’d ever expect to feel. But it’s the sort of thing that a person like Jeffrey Epstein earned. And it’s easy to give the side-eye to Prince Andrew, too.

We, of course, won’t do that. We’ll rely on the justice system to do justice and the media to report on what happens. But even with that, there’s little trust anymore.

ABC News and the rest of the media establishment — with the exceptions of Fox News and select web magazine sites — squashed the Epstein story for years. They hid Epstein, Weinstein, Matt Lauer, and more. They didn’t speak truth to power; they killed truth and dropped it in the ocean with cinderblocks to protect the powerful.

At this stage, I’m squarely in the “burn it all down and salt the earth” camp of dealing with the corruption of our elite, aristocratic class. They’ve burned down any credibility or integrity past generations may have given them. These are not people to emulate or protect; they’ve earned nothing and should receive nothing.

If the children of classes underneath the elites are nothing more than prostitutes, then that tells you all you need to know of what the elites think of you. We’re just another resource to abuse, while they march around the world in decadence and depravity.

At this point, it’s not about reforming our elite institutions and classes — it’s just about wiping the slate clean and starting anew.

Burn it all down. Ask questions later.

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