Federal officials arrest 60 illegal aliens in the Rio Grande Valley

February 14, 2018

Federal officials arrest 60 illegal aliens in the Rio Grande Valley Derek Bridges / CCL

Two events took place this week that emphasize the severity of the illegal immigration problem in the United States and the danger it poses to both American citizens and the immigrants themselves.

In the first, U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced that 60 illegal immigrants had been discovered and apprehended in stash houses along the Rio Grande Valley. In the second, an unlicensed illegal immigrant crashed his vehicle into an ambulance, killing a young child.

Two separate raids

Border Protection announced Tuesday that they arrested 60 illegal aliens in two separate raids along the Texas-Mexico border. Both raids took place over the weekend. The agency’s statement reads:

On Saturday, February 10, Rio Grande City Border Patrol agents responded to a residence to assist local law enforcement. A welfare check at the residence yielded 35 illegal aliens from Mexico and Guatemala.

On Sunday, February 11, the Rio Grande City Station received a call from a concerned citizen regarding suspicious activity at a residence. Agents and local law enforcement responded and discovered 25 illegal aliens from Mexico, Guatemala, and Brazil. Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) McAllen Office arrested one individual in connection to Sunday’s enforcement action. No further details can be released at this time due to the ongoing investigation.

The statement emphasized that the smuggling of illegal immigrants can pose a danger to the immigrants themselves, and asked the public to phone 9-1-1 if they see anything suspicious. “They’re humans, not cargo!” the statement said.

It’s certainly true that illegal border crossing at the Mexican-American line is exceedingly dangerous. NPR reports:

At least 7,209 people have died while illegally crossing the southwestern border over the past 20 years, according to U.S. Border Patrol data, but an investigation by USA Today finds official statistics underestimate the number of deaths. The number is much higher because, for the most part, federal authorities’ casualty count does not include people whose remains are recovered by local authorities.

Elevated blood alcohol content

The second incident also took place over the weekend.

On Sunday in Winston-Salem, N.C., Jose Duran Romero, a 27-year-old illegal immigrant, crashed a Honda Accord into the side of a Mercedes Lifecare Ambulance containing a mother, her child and two attendants, according to local station Fox-8 News. The crash caused the ambulance to roll over and the Honda to careen off the road.

A witness to the incident described Romero to police as having “bloodshot, glassy eyes,” “slurred speech” and looking “grossly impaired,” according to court documents. FOX 8 News reported:

Police say Romero’s blood-alcohol content was at more than twice the legal limit and he didn’t have a driver’s license. Federal authorities also believe Romero was in the country illegally.

EMS rushed the baby, the mother and two paramedics inside the ambulance to the hospital. Winston-Salem police said they were notified at 6:05 p.m. Monday that the baby had passed away. The others are expected to be OK.


Romero is in jail on a $50,000 secured bond. He’s charged with DWI, failing to reduce speed to avoid a crash and driving without a license. Federal authorities also put Romero under an immigration detainer. The detainer will allow U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents to take Romero into custody once he is released from local custody.

Despite the death of the baby and Romero’s legal status, the station headlined its report with kid gloves. It said, “Baby injured in crash involving ambulance in Winston-Salem has died.”

A more accurate headline might read something like this: “An illegal alien driving without a license with a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit crashed into an ambulance, killing a baby.”

Congress is currently debating measures to address illegal immigration. President Donald Trump wants to see increased border protection, an end to lottery immigration and chain migration restricted to spouses and children only. In return, he would grant a road to citizenship to those illegals who arrived here as children.

Illegal immigration is dangerous for immigrants and citizens alike. A more just and humane policy, like President Trump’s, would save lives and protect the rule of law.

Let’s hope lawmakers in Washington see it the same way.


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Michael Dorstewitz

Michael Dorstewitz is a writer for the Conservative Institute. He is an attorney and a former U.S. Merchant Marine officer. His writing can also be seen at BizPac Review and NewsMax.