Manhunt launched for DACA recipient wanted for murder in Texas

February 12, 2018

A recipient of former President Barack Obama’s lauded Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is wanted for murder — and now, is the subject of a manhunt.

The dogs are on the loose for Judas Deluna, 21, who authorities say is wanted for the murder of a man who tried to help another man shot by Deluna.

The suspect is a “Dreamer” who comes from a family of felons, according to ABC.

Deluna was previously indicted in 2015 for threatening a woman with a gun.

DACA recipient wanted for murder

Deluna is charged with the Jan. 26 felony murder of Rahman Rupani, a 30-year-old father of two who came to the aid of another man that Deluna shot outside of a store in Houston, Texas. Rupani, whose father owns the store, was married and had two children.

The incident reportedly started with a fight involving Deluna and several men at a taco stand close ro the store. Deluna retrieved a gun from his car, returned, and shot one man, according to authorities.

Rupani was inside the store when the shot was fired. He rushed outside to come to the victim’s aid before Deluna shot him twice, fatally.

A third man came out of the store and was shot in the leg.

Deluna has since evaded capture for three weeks.

A history of violence

Deluna previously served 60 days in jail for threatening a woman with a firearm in 2015. He was indicted for aggravated assault, which was later changed to a misdemeanor terrorist threat charge.

Deluna’s father and brother are also felons, according to ABC.

The network further reported:

Nearing deportation, again, is where Deluna’s father, Manuel Deluna, is. He is on “hold’ status with Immigration and Customs Enforcement since his release from prison last October.

According to Robert Hurst with Texas Department of Criminal Justice, he served four months of a two-year sentence stemming from a SWAT standoff in November 2016. He barricaded himself after assaulting his wife and daughter.

Five years earlier, Manuel Deluna’s other son, Eric Deluna, planned an ambush on an 18-wheeler full of drugs. It was part of a notorious federal sting that went bad aimed at the Los Zetas cartel. A federal informant died in a shootout that also left a Harris county sheriff’s deputy wounded.

Eric Deluna is serving a 30-year sentence.

“Not who Dreamers are”

Still, immigrants rights activists say that Deluna is the exception and not the rule.

“This is not a depiction of who Dreamers are, who DACA holders are,” Cesar Espinosa, an immigrant rights activist with FIEL Houston said. “We, like everyone else, don’t want those people here. Don’t want bad actors in our community.

“Studies have shown immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than born citizens because even if you make a small mistake it could lead to something as big as a deportation for ourselves,” Espinosa added.

But the Daily Wire reported last week that federal officials arrested four DACA recipients in separate incidents involving human smuggling.

It looks like the left’s sanguine portrayal of DACA recipients is not as simple as they’d like us to think.


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