Sarah Sanders blasts Democrats over hypocritical opposition to wall

December 14, 2018

Sarah Sanders blasts Democrats over hypocritical opposition to wall By Michael Candelori /

Speaking with Fox’s Martha McCallum Thursday night, Sarah Huckabee Sanders blasted the Democrats for opposing President Donald Trump’s border wall despite supporting strong borders in the past. 

Sanders said that Trump is fighting for border security to protect all Americans and that it’s up to the Democrats to do what’s right by the country. “Democrats have got to decide if they love our country more than they hate this president,” Sanders said on The Story.

Trump takes a stand on wall

The interview came two days after Trump sparred with likely House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and House Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) at the White House over the terms of avoiding a partial government shutdown. Trump vowed to own the shutdown if the Democrats won’t fund the wall, while the Democrats promised to oppose the wall and let Trump shoulder the blame.

Sanders said that Trump will build the wall “through Congress or other measures,” probably a nod to Trump’s threat to use the military to build it if the Democrats don’t budge. “The president is committed to making sure that one way or another, whether it is through Congress or other measures, that we protect our borders,” Sanders told McCallum.

Sanders points out Democrat hypocrisy

Sanders also pointed out that many of the Democrats now opposing Trump’s wall, including Schumer and Pelosi, have shifted drastically on immigration now that Trump is in the White House.

“He’s looking at a number of different ways in order to do that. But frankly, it’s sad that Democrats have changed their position so much. If you look back, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Biden, Obama, all of these individuals in the past have supported border security,” Sanders said.

“In fact, Chuck Schumer even said in a public statement that illegal immigration is wrong,” she added. “Yet now that this president is championing the fight and trying to do what’s right, you have Democrats that simply just won’t join in that effort. They voted for it 2006, they voted for wall funding and now they have changed their minds. Democrats have got to decide if they love our country more than they hate this president and so far we have seen no indication that there are willing to do that.”

Watch below:

Trump appeals to “hypocrite” Dems

Trump shared a video on social media Thursday, captioned, “Let’s not do a shutdown, Democrats – do what’s right for the American people!” Trump calls the Democrats “absolute hypocrites” in the introduction to the video, which includes old clips of Democratic leaders including Schumer, Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, and former president Barack Obama advocating for secure borders.

“Illegal immigration is wrong, plain and simple,” says Schumer. Watch below:

Pelosi, Schumer aren’t interested

But the Democrats’ interest in securing the border is now just a memory. Despite attempting to strike a compromising posture in the Oval Office Tuesday, Pelosi and Schumer made their stubborn opposition to the border wall very clear both during the meeting and in comments in the days after.

Pelosi threatened Thursday to keep the government closed “forever” if Trump won’t relent on the wall.

Schumer mocked Trump Thursday for saying that money saved on his re-worked NAFTA deal was, in essence, the same as Mexico paying for the wall. Schumer said that if Mexico will pay for the “unnecessary and ineffective” wall then Congress doesn’t have to.

“Well, Mr. President, if you say Mexico is going to pay for the wall through NAFTA, which it certainly won’t, I guess we don’t have to,” he said. “Let’s fund the government.”


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