As illegal immigration claims more migrant and American lives, Nancy Pelosi refuses to acknowledge crisis

February 18, 2019

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may think that walls are immoral, but her refusal to secure the border is letting a deadly crisis unfold.

A migrant whose drowned body was recovered from a river crossing near the U.S.-Mexico border last week is the latest victim of Pelosi’s complicity in refusing to take the border crisis — which she considers fake — seriously. 

Hundreds of migrants have died in recent years while trying to cross the border. Meanwhile, Mexican opioids have killed thousands of American citizens.

Migrant dies en route to America

Pelosi has maintained that walls are evil, but she is refusing to acknowledge a very real crisis that is costing migrants and American citizens their lives. Last week, witnesses found the body of a drowned migrant in the Rio Grande near a legal port of entry. Marine agents at the Eagle Pass station recovered it with help from the Eagle Pass, TX fire department.

“Crossing the Rio Grande River is both illegal and dangerous,” Del Rio Sector Acting Chief Patrol Agent Matthew J. Hudak said in a written statement. “This tragic death reminds us of the unforgiving and perilous nature of this part of our nation’s southern border.”

There has been an uptick in rescues by border agents at the Rio Grande River, according to Border Patrol. The uptick comes amid an influx of migrants, particularly migrant families and unaccompanied children, attempting dangerous border crossings through the rapidly flowing river and through the scorching deserts of the southwest. Just one day before the drowned migrant was found, border agents rescued 17 migrants, including 6 children — 1 an unaccompanied Guatemalan child — from drowning in the Rio Grande.

More than 260 migrants died last year trying to cross the border, many of whom drowned or died from heat exposure. Del Rio Sector agents said that at least four migrants have died crossing the border in the Del Rio sector since Oct. 1. Border agents have rescued at least 35 migrants from drowning in the river since Feb. 4.

Fentanyl deaths spike

President Donald Trump has called attention to the harm suffered by migrants who attempt to enter the country illegally, a problem that would be fixed if there were a wall to deter them from attempting dangerous, unlawful crossings. But migrants who die in deadly crossings are just one group of victims.

Drugs and violent criminals who enter the country through the unsecured border have come with a heavy toll for American families. In an Oval Office address last month about the border, Trump noted that some 70,000 Americans die every year from drug overdoses — a toll comparable to the Vietnam War every year.

In border states like Arizona, fentanyl deaths have spiked as Mexican cartels smuggle fatal synthetic opioids into the country. Some of the fentanyl, called “Mexican oxy,” is manufactured by cartels to look like oxycodone, a less potent opioid.

“It’s the worst I’ve seen in 30 years, this toll that it’s taken on families,” said Doug Coleman, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration special agent in charge of Arizona. “The crack [cocaine] crisis was not as bad.”

Fentanyl is the leading drug behind overdose deaths in the country. Deaths from the drug have skyrocketed in states like Arizona, leaping from 72 in 2015 to 267 in 2017, and more fentanyl is being seized at the border than ever. A massive payload of deadly fentanyl, enough to kill millions of people, was seized at the border last month.

Pelosi remains complicit amid crisis

Pelosi’s response to the deadly toll of having an unsecured border has been to plug her ears, ignore the problem, and blame Trump for making up a “manufactured crisis.” Pelosi and her fellow Democrats have routinely ignored the various costs of illegal immigration, including tragic killings of Americans like California cop Ronil Singh, calling them isolated incidents which don’t reflect a broader pattern of crime.

In fact, Democrats often argue that illegal migrants commit less crime than American citizens. But the relatives of the victims aren’t convinced. Angel Families in Pelosi’s district gathered outside her office last week demanding to know why she has ignored them.

Meanwhile, it’s clear which lives matter to Pelosi and which do not. After President Trump declared a national emergency to work around the Democrats’ obstruction, Pelosi called the border crisis “illegitimate” and “fake.”

“Clearest sign that @realDonaldTrump’s #FakeTrumpEmergency is not legitimate? The President himself says he didn’t need to declare a national emergency — it’s just a faster way to force taxpayers to foot the bill after Congress wouldn’t let him have his way,” Pelosi tweeted.

But the victims of the unsecured border are real people, not statistics. How many Americans will die from this crisis before Pelosi acknowledges reality?


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Matthew Boose

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