Van Jones insults Melania Trump’s home country Slovenia: ‘Not exactly the jewel of Europe’

January 15, 2018

The comment that President Donald Trump is alleged to have made this week regarding third world countries like Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations have dominated the news cycle. Media pundits have fallen all over themselves trying to use the comment — which Trump may not have even said — as proof of his status as a “super-villain.”

One talking head, however, decided he needed to go a bit further and insult an entire country, just to take a shot at the president. Van Jones, former Barack Obama administration “green jobs czar” and sycophant, said on CNN that Slovenia, Melania Trump’s native country, is “not exactly the jewel of Europe.”

Really, Van?

Jones’ comment was made while appearing on a panel hosted by CNN’s Anderson Cooper, who got his own insult in by asking Jones, “I mean, should this come as a surprise to people?”

Cooper’s question insinuated that of course Trump would say something like that, and Jones was all too happy to take the ball and run with it.

“Well, I mean it’s not only racist, it’s only just inaccurate,” Jones said, going off on a tangent about college graduation rates in various countries.

Next, however, he managed to decry “horrible stereotypes” while using one himself:

Part of the thing is that when you’re relying on just horrible stereotypes — by the way, Melania Trump, our first lady who I admire greatly, is from Slovenia, not exactly the jewel of Europe. Slovenia. But she’s welcome here and Nigerians are not.

Trying to defend one country by insulting an entirely different one? Not a good look, Van Jones.

Jones Has a History

It’s not the first time Jones has said something stupid; in fact, he is well known for being “not exactly the jewel” of intelligent thought.

Last October, Jones gushed over former president Barack Obama, saying “I love him” over and over to the point of embarrassment.

He was forced to resign from his “green jobs” post in the Obama administration amidst controversy; not only did he openly support convicted cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal, he called Republicans “a**holes;” GOP lawmakers also pointed out that Jones’ appointment was proof Obama was using czar positions to get out of the confirmation process.

Immediately following the presidential election, Jones even ran a public relations firm called Megaphone Strategies, that attempted to influence Electoral College electors to not cast their vote for Trump on Dec. 19, 2016.

Even The Hill pointed out the conflict of interest inherent in Jones sitting on CNN trashing the incoming president while actively representing two electoral defectors, calling for a disclaimer on each segment featuring Jones that alerted viewers to the conflict of interest.

The president and first lady have not responded to Jones’ comments.


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