BREAKING: Trump Jr. Speaks Out About Sex Scandal

Hollywood has been rocked by the exposure of Miramax co-founder Harvey Weinstein as a sexual predator last week. Reports of everything from inappropriate contact to sexual harassment to rape have been levied at the Oscar-winning director, as more and more victims come forward.

Donald Trump Jr. has also spoken out – but not in the same way. In a brutal Twitter slam, the younger Trump called out Hollywood for their “BS lectures” on politics and pondered whether they’d now “go back to doing what they do best… pretending to be something they’re not.”

Pulling No Punches

The tweet dropped with sarcasm, and the First Son included a twist at the end as well — Hollywood will never stop telling the rest of Americans how they should think and live.

Trump Jr. tweeted on Wednesday:

Donald Trump Jr. on Twitter

Maybe Hollywood will finally end their BS lectures & go back to doing what they do best… pretending to be something they’re not. Oh wait.

Don Jr.’s comments came as no surprise to conservatives, many of whom have long seen Hollywood as a corrupt and even vile place where sex is currency and morally bereft individuals spend their off-time virtue signaling and trying to shame ‘regular’ Americans who aren’t on board with their progressive agenda. Liberals, however, were triggered by his tweets into attacking not only him personally, but the entire Trump family.

loc’ed & loaded on Twitter

@jpit880 @rolandscahill @DonaldJTrumpJr Do you also blame rape victims?

Letters of Note on Twitter

@DonaldJTrumpJr You really are a relentless dunce. What an embarrassing, imbecilic family.

No Sign of Stopping

As Trump Jr.’s comments hit Twitter, other members of Hollywood were just gearing up, taking sides in what’s proving to be quite the maelstrom. Actress Rose McGowan openly accused Weinstein of rape from her Twitter account, naming Amazon head Jeff Bezos as complicit in covering it up – and then got suspended by Twitter.

Jessica Chastain said she was “warned from the beginning…stories were everywhere” about Weinstein, and Alyssa Milano tried to walk the line between condemning Weinstein and schmoozing to his wife.

For his part, Weinstein himself may now be the subject of an FBI investigation for the rape accusations. The New York Police Department and London police are also opening investigations into the media mogul.

Donald Trump Jr., meanwhile, is also not finished. He’s been tweeting comments since the scandal broke – and the left doesn’t like it. “Ahh Hollywood, our moral authority,” Don Jr. tweeted, pointing to a link showing Weinstein’s contract allowed for sexual harassment. “What would we do without their guidance?

Haters, foaming at the mouth, could hardly wait to bring up every scrap of old, already-dealt-with dirt they could find on the president. Don Jr. is ignoring them, and the left can’t seem to figure out that they’re defending an accused rapist by attacking Trump Jr., proving their hate for the President and his family knows no bounds.

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