The Left Has a Racism Problem – With This Minority

August 31, 2017

“I wasn’t willing to submit to their test. I felt I should be able to be there as a Jew without being the ‘right’ kind of Jew. That is why I was kicked out.”

That’s what Eleanor Shoshany Anderson said after the liberal organizers of the Chicago Dyke March kicked her out of the parade in June for being the “wrong” kind of Jew; she was carrying a rainbow flag with the star of David on it.

Anderson’s experience is only one example of many, resulting from a growing contingent on the left that endeavors to remove Jews and Israelis from its midst. Just as it was morally necessary to call out anti-Semitism and racism on the right in light of the events in Charlottesville, Virginia, earlier this month, it’s important to call out the same bigotry on the left.

No one should endure prejudice or feel subjected to tests that ensure they’re the “right” race or skin color.

The Chicago Dyke March doubles down on anti-Semitism 

Not only did the Dyke March kick Jews out of their parade, but they also did so defiantly. They claimed at first that they merely asked the Jews to leave, but when Anderson was asked about what happened, she told a far different story.

“They just kept stating over and over again ‘This is unacceptable. This is too triggering,” Anderson said. “More people came over. I felt very out-numbered, and they were talking over me. It was clear that this was something that was unwinnable, and I left. Or, more accurately, they drove me out.”

The Dyke March then switched tactics and said that they kicked Anderson and her friends out because they were “Zionists,” explaining that “Zionism is an inherently white-supremacist ideology.”

“We welcome the support we have received from Jewish allies and marchers who are as invested in liberation as we are,” organizers said.

But the only way to be an acceptable Jew for these liberals is for Jews to reject Israel altogether. The Dyke marchers had no problem with supporting Palestine and any of the Palestinian terrorist groups, but no Jew could promote even the slightest support for a Jewish state, a strangely discriminatory message for a so-called gay rights group.

The Dyke March isn’t alone

By far one of the most prominent anti-Semites on the left is Linda Sarsour, a Palestinian-American and organizer of the Women’s March on Washington, who has made targeting Jews one of her central positions.

When Sarsour decided to celebrate the memory of Assata Shakur, a known and convicted cop-killer hiding in Cuba, even CNN journalist Jake Tapper was appalled; he tweeted, “Any progressives condemning this?” In response, Sarsour and her enablers on the left labeled Tapper an “alt-right” Nazi sympathizer.

Further, any Jew looking for help from the vaunted Anti-Defamation League (ADL) won’t find it anymore. The group has been taken over by a former Obama administration official, removed combatting anti-Semitism from its mission and now focuses on progressive agenda items.

Bigotry has many faces and political identities

Many leftists claim they’re against Zionism, not Jews. In other words, they don’t support an Israeli nation but are otherwise fine with Jews, actions notwithstanding.

This argument is classic dog whistling for anti-Semites. If a white nationalist stands up and says he has no problems with black people, he just wants to establish a white ethnostate free of all blacks, everyone understands he’s a racist who wants to rid the world of blacks. Similarly, anti-Zionism is the covert dog-whistle for anti-Semites to pretend they accept Jews while trying to destroy everything Jewish.

The BBC reports that “it’s been widely argued that the term ‘Zionist’ has, in some circles, become a code word for ‘Jew’ and that bigotry against Jewish people has been expressed using the language of anti-Zionism.”

Targeting someone because they carry the Star of David is textbook anti-Semitism. Claiming to be a big fan of Louis Farrakhan, who enthusiastically promoted Hitler’s holocaust, is a clear signal of leftist anti-Semitism. Taking over organizations like the ADL to make them more progressive-friendly, and abandoning the defense of Jews who experience anti-Semitic attacks, is more evidence of anti-Semitic bigotry.

Bigotry is evil in all of its forms. We must confront it and condemn it in every one.

The Conservative Institute stands against bigotry on both the right and the left. It’s time for the left acknowledge its own bigotry and rid itself of anti-Semitism.


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Daniel Vaughan

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