Huffington Post author begrudgingly admits, ‘Sadly, Trump is Winning’

December 11, 2017

It’s finally happening.

This week, an author for Huffington Post admitted that President Donald Trump is winning. Yes, you read that right. Even liberal commentators are starting to grudgingly agree that Trump has delivered on his promises to his supporters.

HuffPo: Trump is winning

Author and political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson bemoaned Trump’s many victories, both political and personal. He begins:

This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to write and admit: Trump is winning.

The author goes on to list Trump’s many victories for conservatives. Neil Gorsuch appointed to SCOTUS? Check. Muslim travel ban upheld? Check. Rescinding the Obamacare mandate? Getting there.

Add to this the resignation of Al Franken from the Senate, and it starts to look like Providence is looking out for the 45th president:

Franken had a big voice, lots of name recognition and popularity, and was not afraid to take shots at Trump.

The HuffPo contributor doesn’t neglect to mention that markets are roaring under Trump, although he doesn’t give him the credit:

When the markets took another tick up he crowed even louder that he was the man who brought the good times rolling to America.

Coastal liberals never miss an opportunity to tell poor, ignorant conservatives what’s actually good for them:

The giveaways to the rich, the gutting of Obamacare and the coming whittling away of Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security is hardly winning for many of his backers.

It’s unthinkable to liberals that hard-working Americans want to keep more of their money in their own pockets, and have no problem with wealthy Americans doing the same thing. Sad!

Perhaps Trump’s most far-ranging victory:

Trump busily continues to pack the federal judiciary with a parade of ultra-conservative, strict, constructionist Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia clones.

“Ultra-conservative” meaning, surely, anything right of what HuffPo considers “center.” Given its editorial stance, that must be pretty left-wing.

To top it all off, add Trump’s unique ability to get people to see things his way, however grudgingly:

The Republican National Committee, which had practically declared Moore a pariah, quickly jumped in and said it would back him.

Indeed, the GOP can’t succeed without Trump:

[The GOP] can rail and curse at him publicly and privately, but it needs Trump.

Trump can’t stop winning.

Trump “got away” with unproven collusion

Hutchison complains:

He pooh-poohed the guilty plea of his former National Security Advisor Mike T. Flynn as no big deal while shouting “no collusion, no collusion” and got away with it.

It’d be a stretch to say that Trump has gotten away with anything, with Robert Mueller’s nearly $7 million investigation still harrying the president for evidence of Russian collusion. If anything, the liberal media has gotten away with obstructing the Trump administration on the basis of misleading – often deliberately so – reporting about Russia.

Trump – 1, liberal media – 0

The HuffPo writer goes on:

The third winning front for Trump is his perennial ace in the hole: the media.

American’s trust of the news media sank to an all-time low in Gallup polling history last September, just weeks before Trump won the election. Despite rebounding confidence among Democrats, who see the liberal media as a bulwark against Trump and his desire to get things done, confidence remains low among Republicans and Independents.

Other than in the New York Times and other liberal print publications, there is no real sobering, in-depth discussion of the dangerous and destructive consequences of his administration’s policies. But those publications are anathema to Trump devotees in the heartland and the south anyway. So the withering criticism of Trump in these publications is tantamount to a wolf howling in the wind.

If it is true that these publications have “withering” and “in-depth” analysis of Trump, it would certainly help if they backed those criticisms up with honest journalism. Sadly, this hasn’t been the case of late.

Why is Trump popular?

Why is Trump still popular with his base? This wasn’t supposed to happen!

The overwhelming majority of [Republicans] back him. Even though his approval rating has dropped among white males without a college degree and Christian evangelicals, polls show that he still gets majority approval from them.

Despite being the worst president ever, Trump, who keeps going to bat for white working class Christians, continues to be popular with white, working class, Christian voters. Who would have thought?

Trump humbles pretentious liberals

The piece as a whole exemplifies Trump’s greatest victory of all: getting liberals to admit that sometimes, they’re wrong.

Thank you, President Trump, for getting liberal “experts” to admit that their sanctimony is misplaced, their sense of superiority false, and their media dominance not a golden ticket to the White House.


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Matthew Boose

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