Family of NYC bomber attacks police for investigating terror attack

December 13, 2017

Family of NYC bomber attacks police for investigating terror attack Image Source: Screenshot

The family of the Port Authority bombing suspect said in a statement that they are “outraged” at their treatment by law enforcement.

The suspect, Ayaked Ullah, is in custody after trying to kill New York commuters with a pipebomb.

“Outraged” at cops

Family members of the terrorist suspect said they were “outraged by the behavior of the law enforcement officials” in the aftermath of the bombing. In an audacious statement, the family complained about how cops interrogated family members in the hours after the failed attack.

“We are heartbroken by the violence that was targeted at our city today, and by the allegations being made against a member of our family,” the family said in a statement released by Albert Fox Cahn, legal director of Counsel on American-Islamic Relations in New York.

The family complained that law enforcement officials held a 4-year old girl out in the cold and dragged a teenager out of classes to interrogate him without a parent, guardian, or lawyer:

“Today we have seen our children, as young as 4 years old, held out in the cold, detained as their parents were questioned. One teenage relative was pulled out of high school classes and interrogated without a lawyer, without his parents. These are not the actions that we expect from our justice system,” the statement read.

Cahn added, “We have every confidence that our justice system will find the truth behind this attack and that we will, in the end, be able to learn what occurred today.”

Social media backlash

The outrageous statement prompted a swift and furious backlash on social media. Twitter users blasted the insensitive, and offensive, statement.

Ex-CIA analyst and radio host Buck Sexton put it this way:

Buck Sexton on Twitter

Sorry our son tried to blow up a lot of you on your way to work today, but the cops were kinda rude to us after that and we want answers”

“Rude? Attempting to murder innocent Americans, while your family and son are privileged guests, entitles you to be handled with kid gloves? REALLY? You haven’t anything worthy of sympathy, America wants and deserves the answers,” one user tweeted.

Another user wrote, “The only thing the “Ullah family” should be saying is, “We are profoundly sorry for unleashing a psychopath into your midst.'”

“I don’t understand this…the guy tried to kill innocent people with no regard and the family is now upset at some inconveniences?? Would they have felt bad if there were “inconvenient” funerals! #usa this insanity has to stop,” said another.

Radicalized by ISIS

Ullah attempted on Monday morning to kill civilians in a crowded subway corridor near the Port Authority bus terminal in Manhattan. The bomb went off prematurely, and Ullah was the only person seriously injured.

Ullah was charged Tuesday with supporting an act of terrorism, making terroristic threats and criminal possession of a weapon. The terror suspect said he was inspired by ISIS and issued a statement criticizing President Trump on Facebook shortly before the attack.

William F. Sweeney, Assistant Director-in-Charge of the New York Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, said in a news conference Tuesday that the FBI was taking strictly necessary action to keep people safe.

“Our teams use appropriate, reasonable and lawful methods to accomplish these goals. But to be clear, our teams will move with speed and move with purpose,” Sweeney said.

A Bangladeshi national, Ullah immigrated to the U.S. on a chain migration visa and lived in Brooklyn. President Trump renewed calls to end chain migration and the visa lottery after the attack.


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