REPORT: 66,000 Islamic Extremists Have Infiltrated Europe

June 18, 2017

REPORT: 66,000 Islamic Extremists Have Infiltrated Europe Image Source: YouTube

A recent Gatestone Institute report shows that a large number of radical Islamic terrorists have infiltrated European countries. The findings should be alarming to all in the Western World.

According to the report, 66,000 official extremists are currently residing in four major European countries.

It’s hard not to think that the presence of thousands of terrorists in those countries stems from the flawed policies of the nations who are allowing so many radical extremists to gain entry in the first place.

An Army Of Islamist Extremists Have Infiltrated Europe

The report states that thousands of radical terrorists have entered into European countries which have experienced the highest number of terrorist attacks. These countries include:

  • Belgium
  • France
  • Germany
  • Britain

The extremists have gone to great lengths to remain incognito while they promote radical Islamist ideology and plan their operations. They have also established covert bases that have gone largely unnoticed. According to the report:

These Islamists have built a powerful infrastructure of terror inside Europe’s cities. These terror bases are self-segregated, multicultural enclaves in which extremist Muslims promote Islamic fundamentalism and implement Islamic law, Sharia — with the Tower Hamlets Taliban of East London; in the French banlieues [suburbs], and in The Hague’s “sharia triangle”, known as “the mini-caliphate,” in the Netherlands.

This news should be alarming to anyone living in a European country. The extremists who have infiltrated Europe are well-organized.

Not only have they been able to establish their radical organizations in these nations, they are able to arm themselves with apparent ease. According to the Gatestone report, extremists are involved in the weapons trade with the Balkans, along with other financiers in Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Multiculturalism Has Given Islamists Political Power

So why is this happening? How did so many Islamic extremists gain entry into these European nations? In a word: multiculturalism.

The European left’s misguided commitment to a multicultural society has blinded them to the dangers that materialize when a country fails to protect its own culture and values.

When immigrants arrive in a new country, they are neither required or even encouraged to ‘assimilate’ into those countries. European authorities do not attempt to ensure that immigrants who are willing to embrace their values.

As a result, Middle Eastern immigrants to European nations too often bring their home country’s values to the host nations.

It doesn’t stop there. Too often, such immigrants also begin to impose their values on the people of the host country.

This lack of assimilation is why “no-go zones” exist — areas that local police are afraid to patrol . It is the reason Muslim immigrants are able to implement Sharia law alongside, and oftentimes in opposition to, the laws of the host country.

Can This Happen In The United States?

So far, the US has not experienced major terrorist attacks at the hands of immigrants or refugees. Whether that is due to luck, proximity or effective vetting procedures is up for debate.

However, the attacks we have experienced were carried out by Americans who were radicalized while residing in the United States. This is largely because of our failure to promote assimilation among immigrants.

The danger is not limited to immigration. Federal reports show that homegrown terrorism is a grave concern.

In a piece written for the National Review, James Jay Carafano discusses a Homeland Security document that addresses just that issue. Homeland Security identified 88 foreign-born radicals and residing in the United States who are linked to foreign terrorist organizations, along with 116 native-born terrorists later radicalized.

Homegrown terrorism can be as serious a threat as terrorist infiltrating our country. We cannot afford to imitate Europe’s mistake of failing to protect their borders. We must ensure that we require immigrants to embrace American culture and values.

Why Does This Matter To The United States?

The United States should keep a close watch on the events unfolding in Europe. We have watched European countries endure a disturbing number of Islamic terrorist attacks. Since the beginning of the year, Europe has experienced an attack roughly every nine days.

In the aftermath of 9/11, the United States decided that fighting terrorism abroad is preferable to fighting it on our own soil. The situation in Europe shows that this decision was the correct one.

However, we need to remain vigilant. The left wishes to create an America that embraces the type of multiculturalism that is making European nations vulnerable to Islamic extremists.

If we are to continue to survive as a nation, we must not go down that path.

Jeff Charles

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