REPORT: ‘Rape Jihad’ Launched By Afghan Refugees

July 29, 2017

REPORT: ‘Rape Jihad’ Launched By Afghan Refugees dimbar76 /

Cheryl Bernard has worked with refugees for her entire professional life, from Yemen to Bosnia, and she is deeply sympathetic to their position. Despite this personal experience, Bernard was unprepared for the sexual aggression that accompanied the mass influx of Afghan refugees into Europe.

Even to human rights activists like Bernard, it is becoming increasingly apparent that something is wrong. In case after case, Afghan migrants are committing sexual crimes in a phenomenon that experts are beginning to label “rape jihad.”

Clash of Civilizations

Bernard’s conclusions are unusual because they are not coming from the typical counter-jihadist and conservative voices opposed to immigration. She has traditionally taken many progressive stances in favor of immigration and has come to the defense of moderate Islam in her capacity as director of the RAND Corporation’s Initiative for Middle Eastern Youth.

Therefore, a piece Bernard wrote for The National Interest which describes “Europe’s Afghan crime wave” is indicative of how even moderate voices are coming out in opposition to refugee violence.

The wave of violence has forced the mayor of one Austrian town to say, “We’ve had it,” with the repeated rape of its citizens at the hands of Afghan refugees. The breaking point for the citizens of the Austrian town of Tulln was the gang rape of a 15-year-old girl who was abducted by a group of Afghan men on her way home and repeatedly raped by the group.

It may be difficult for some of the victims of these atrocities to understand why their attackers were present in their neighborhoods at all. Some European officials have argued that Afghanistan is not subject to the same pervasive instability that warrants refugee status for other migrants, such as Syrians.

German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière has argued that Afghan migrants should be evaluated on a case by case basis to see if they are deserving of asylum in Germany. He adds, “Not all of the people who come to us as refugees from Afghanistan can expect to stay in Germany.”

Despite these restrictions, Afghans continue to crowd into Europe, seeking out the countries with the most generous social welfare systems.

These asylum seekers are overwhelmingly male; a Pew research poll found that 80 percent of Afghans entering Europe are men, leaving some of their hosts to wonder just how difficult living in Afghanistan could be for men who leave behind their women and children.

As a consequence, this gender imbalance is projected onto European towns and villages, where unemployed refugee men often wander around in groups that tend to intimidate native residents. 

In one such case, an Afghan group pursued a Turkish exchange student into a restroom in Vienna, barricading the door and repeatedly bludgeoning their victim’s head against a porcelain toilet before gang raping her.

Even the European Media Can’t Ignore the Problem 

The European media began by erring on the side of political correctness, rather than public safety. Although it soon became obvious to Europeans that the unprecedented wave of sex crimes accompanied the arrival of refugees and migrants, the press forced citizens to come to this conclusion on their own, refusing to air the national or ethnic origins of the attackers.

Today, the media no longer attempts to hide what is so shockingly obvious, and newspapers are filled with pages of details on local sexual assaults involving Afghan men. Bernard’s review of one daily Austrian paper illustrates the frequency of these assaults:

Front page: Afghan (eighteen) attacks young woman at Danube Festival.’Once again there has been an attempted rape by an Afghan. A twenty-one-year-old Slovak tourist was mobbed and groped by a group of men. She managed to get away, but was pursued by one of them, an Afghan asylum seeker who caught her and dragged her into the bushes. Nearby plainclothes policemen noticed the struggle and intervened to prevent the rape at the last moment.’

Page ten: ‘A twenty-five-year-old Afghan attempted to rape a young woman who was sitting in the sun in the park. Four courageous passersby dragged the man off the victim and held him until the police arrived.’

Page twelve: ‘Two Afghans have been sentenced for attempting to rape a woman on a train in Graz. The men, who live in an asylum seekers’ residence, first insulted the young woman with obscene verbal remarks before attacking her. When she screamed for help, passengers from other parts of the train rushed to her aid.’

“Rape jihad”

Bernard grapples with what could motivate these refugees to be so brash, so blatant in their disrespect for the law that they would rape women in broad daylight with impunity. She wonders what could compel someone to lose all sense of self-control and violate another human being.

Alcohol addiction is offered up as an excuse by some; but alcohol consumption itself does not force a man to engage in gang rape. Another theory Bernard proposes, before dismissing, is that these men have lived in a sex-deprived culture for so long that they cannot control their impulses when exposed to Western women.

Yet, Muslim men from similar societies do not react to the sight of a Western woman in this manner. After considering the alternatives, Bernard proposes another theory:

This brings us to a third, more compelling and quite disturbing theory—the one that my Afghan friend, the court translator, puts forward. On the basis of his hundreds of interactions with these young men in his professional capacity over the past several years, he believes to have discovered that they are motivated by a deep and abiding contempt for Western civilization.

To them, Europeans are the enemy, and their women are legitimate spoils, as are all the other things one can take from them: housing, money, passports.

Bernard is forced to conclude that these Afghan men are engaging in a “rape jihad” across the European continent.

When a human rights activist and an aid worker has reached this conclusion, one can conclude that they have considered the wide range of alternatives and only accepted this scenario with great reluctance.

These Afghan men are taking advantage of the gullibility and empathy of their European hosts to run rampant through Western societies with complete disregard for the consequences of their actions. If Bernard’s remarks are any indication, these liberal nations are only just now beginning to take notice.

Editor’s Note: This article addresses recent demographic trends in Europe as a social science, specifically noting how cultural values of European society change to reflect the values and behaviors of incoming populations. We emphasize that our response should never generalize about entire groups purely on the basis of religion or ethnic origin. We care only about the political and cultural beliefs of specific subsets of these immigrant populations, as reflected in the analysis above.

Conservative Institute stands against bigotry in all forms, and continues to believe that nothing is more offensive to conservative ideas than judging someone on the basis of ethnic or racial heritage rather than individual behavior.

Benjamin Baird

Benjamin Baird is a senior staff writer for the Conservative Institute. He is a veteran infantryman of Iraq and Afghanistan with over 1000 days in combat and holds a degree in Middle Eastern studies from the American Military University. Ben is a regular contributor at the Middle East Forum and has written for dozens of conservative publications, including The Daily Caller, American Spectator, American Thinker, New English Review and Yahoo News.