WATCH: U.S. City Makes Veteran Take Down American Flag on D-Day

June 23, 2017

Come the Fourth of July, you may need to think twice before raising more than one American flag on your property after an incident took place in a Sacramento suburb. On June 6, the D-Day anniversary, Galt officials told Navy veteran Ronald Raeta and his wife, Sherri, to remove one of their two flag poles or be fined for violating city code.

The Raetas had installed two flag poles on the front lawn of their home and raised two American flags. Soon afterward, a complaint was made to city hall and a representative paid a visit to the Raeta residence.


Galt officials say two poles violate city code

The couple first thought the complaint was a joke, but it turned out that they would not be allowed to have two poles with the American flags on their property. This infuriated the Raetas.

Chris Erias, City Community Development Director, told CBS 13 that city code limits flag poles to just one per parcel with a maximum height of 20 feet. He noted that it isn’t the flag that’s the problem but rather the code only permits one pole.

Erias did concede that they have never had a problem with two flag poles before:

I believe this was really put in to respect the integrity of residential neighborhoods. We do not regulate content on who can buy what. For us, it really is limiting it to the pole.

What will happen moving forward?

The two were so upset by the event that they decided to pay a visit to city council. But they found that there is very little they could do.

Galt officials will look into the matter, and Erias told Fox News that the city will decide if a revision is necessary. He noted that if any changes are made, the process will consist of public input and a review by the City Planning Commission.

In the meantime, the Raetas can file a petition to amend the law, but the initiative may require thousands of dollars. Until then, the issue will be left up to the Galt City Council.

Raeta household ‘furious’ after city order

The news was surprising for Sherri, especially since her father served in World War II and her husband and son both served in the Navy. She said that it shouldn’t make a difference if she chooses to install two American flag poles in the ground or two American flag poles on the side of the home.

Ronald was also “furious” after the city’s request. Having recently moved into the area, they thought they would show off their patriotism with “two beautiful American flags on our property”:

It’s my flag and I should be able to fly it. We both love the American flag, we love America. I just can’t believe anybody would want us to take down an American flag.


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