BREAKING: Barack Obama Implicated

November 3, 2017

Despite Obama’s chief of staff’s claim that his administration had been “historically free of scandal,” former President Barack Obama has been implicated in several scandals lately, and they’re by no means the first or the last. Little by little, the presidency many felt was characterized by incompetence is being revealed as something more willful – and even sinister.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) released more documents this week from the trove seized from Osama bin Laden. The new documents show that Obama and his administration purposely released only certain documents meant to support the narrative that the U.S. had mostly won the War on Terror – and left out reports showing the close relationship between Iran’s government and al Qaeda, as they pushed for the Iran nuclear deal.

The New York Post reports:

The Obama White House had this information for nearly five years before negotiating the nuclear deal — talks in which it refused to address Iran’s continuing sponsorship of terror even as it agreed to provide it with more than $100 billion in sanctions relief and hostage ransom payments.

Politics as Usual

While Iran and al Qaeda were known to be at least peripheral operational partners as far back as the 9/11 Commission, no one but Obama and his CIA directors seemed to know the full extent of Iran’s cooperation with the terrorist organization. The administration apparently wanted it that way; as the truth might have impeded the forging of new agreements with Iran.

A new 19-page document, found within the nearly half-million files released and reportedly authored by an al-Qaeda member, outlines an agreement between Iran and the terror group to attack American interests in both Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf. As payment for these requested attacks, Iran was offering militants money, guns, and training at Hezbollah camps in Lebanon.

The new documents show links and cooperation between the major players in the Middle Eastern terror world regardless of the historical Sunni/Shia ideological divide.

What’s more, the document’s exclusion from the initial files released by Obama after bin Laden’s death in 2011 implies that the administration feared that public knowledge of the close working relationship between Iran and al-Qaeda would tank the president’s deal with Iran on nuclear proliferation.

Obama Lied, Terror Was Supported

The Obama administration dismissed questions as recently as 2016 about Iran and al-Qaeda. One official told the Weekly Standard that “anyone who thinks Iran was or is in bed with al-Qaeda doesn’t know much about either.”

The new revelations show that the American people didn’t know much because the Obama administration was hiding the information; the president himself and the four CIA directors — Leon Panetta, David Petraeus, John Brennan, and Mike Morell — knew, but never allowed the information to come out.

President Donald Trump has called the Iran deal the “worst deal ever made,” and has vowed to end it.


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Kit Perez

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