Report links George Soros to radical environmentalist group

The list of donors to the extreme left-wing environmentalist group Extinction Rebellion may include controversial billionaire George Soros. 

This information comes by way of an anonymous source who claims to have obtained documents from the group’s computer database, which have since been published. But, at least at this point, the spreadsheets have yet to be authenticated.

Left-wing all-stars

Included in the materials is a list of well-known individuals who have provided funds to the group, which, unsurprisingly, includes George Soros.

In addition to Soros, there is Joe Corre, the multimillionaire son of fashion designer Vivienne Westwood; environmentalist group Greenpeace; the European Climate Foundation; the Tides Foundation; rock band Radiohead; and Furka Holdings, a Swiss asset management company with Russian links.

With such illustrious benefactors filling its coffers, the group has brought in over £1 million (over $1.2 million in USD) just this year. The documents reveal that only half that amount has been spent thus far.

By any means necessary

Extinction Rebellion is a far-left “ecological justice” group that seems to be willing to do whatever it takes — including and especially taking down current governmental systems — in order to save the environment. Nonetheless, its members claim to be non-violent.

In its mission statement, the group states that its “overall ambition is an international rebellion that helps humanity to turn quickly onto a course that is compatible with life on earth.

“However,” the group goes on, “we are unattached to this outcome, we also make these valiant efforts, to lead an [honorable] life in this time of grief, destruction, and unraveling.”

Some of the steps Extinction Rebellion pledges to take in achieving this goal are:

  • “To show to radical people (and internationally) that it is possible to have an ‘impossible’ plan and carry out a rebellion,”
  • “To create a national conversation about the ecological crisis and climate breakdown,” and,
  • “To build structure, community, and test prototypes in preparation for the coming structural collapse of the regimes of western ‘democracies.'”

But a former head of the London Metropolitan Police’s Counter-Terrorism Command says “those encountering Extinction Rebellion should be under no illusions about just how [destabilizing] and extremist their agenda is. Not only is it unclear how their three formal demands could realistically be satisfied, but also it appears unlikely that their actions would end even if government committed to trying to implement them,” they added.

The head of the counter-terrorism command went on:

The words of Extinction Rebellion’s founders and its posts on social media make clear that the objective is system change. This means bringing down our existing democratic system — which several of the campaign’s leading figures hold in contempt — and causing rapid economic disaster for the country.

The proponents of this course of action have no serious explanations for how the country would function if their demands were implemented.

High cost of extremism

This is the agenda for which sponsors are apparently willing to pay — but when the group is formally mobilized and takes to the streets, things tend to get far worse. For example, just this past July, the group held protests across England that prevented a son in Bristol from reaching his dying father in the hospital.

Overall, the group is believed to have cost U.K. taxpayers £16 million (about $19.4 million in USD) for the extra policing that is needed when the group engages in its uniquely disruptive brand of activism. This, of course, is not to mention the costs involved with arresting the protestors who go too far with their demonstrations and break the law.

This all begs the question of whether the donors truly understand what they are supporting. My guess is that someone like Soros — if he is indeed involved — most certainly does.

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