White House releases video celebrating Trump’s economy: ‘They said it couldn’t be done’

June 8, 2018

White House releases video celebrating Trump’s economy: ‘They said it couldn’t be done’ a katz / Shutterstock.com

The White House just released a new retrospective video that is pretty humiliating for Hillary Clinton — and former President Barack Obama.

The video, celebrating President Donald Trump’s first 500 days in office, features clips of Clinton and Obama predicting in the summer of 2016 that Trump would destroy the U.S. economy if he became president. 

Reality has since poured cold water on those predictions, with stock prices soaring and unemployment dropping to record lows.

“They said it couldn’t be done.”

The White House’s video, titled “They Said It Couldn’t Be Done,” is a case study in liberal arrogance. The edited video places the doom-and-gloom predictions of Obama and Clinton side-by-side with what has actually happened with the economy under Trump.

The video opens with Clinton speaking at a campaign stop in the summer before the 2016 election, where she alleges that Trump’s economic “policies would throw us into a recession.” The video then pivots to Obama dismissing Trump’s campaign promise to bring manufacturing jobs to the country; Obama smugly waves his hand at the idea that those jobs could have ever come back.

“Some of those jobs of the past just aren’t gonna come back,” Obama alleged. “He just says, I’m gonna negotiate a better deal — well how exactly are you going to negotiate that?”

Watch the full video for yourself:

They Said It Couldn’t Be Done

Uploaded by The White House on 2018-06-07.

In reality? The economy is booming.

The video then cuts to news clips from about the rapid economic recovery under Trump. Clips from Fox and CNN show journalists discussing the exact opposite of what Obama and Clinton predicted: a rallying stock market, and falling jobless claims.

“Companies are hiring,” CNN correspondent Christine Romans says in a clip. “Lay-offs are down, and companies are hiring.”

The video ends with a clip of Fox News’ Laura Ingraham referencing a New York Times report that heaped praise on Trump’s thriving economy: “We ran out of words to describe how good the jobs numbers are,” the headline of the June 1 article reads.

Other statistics referenced in the video include that the unemployment rate has fallen to an 18-year low — with the lowest on-record unemployment rate for African-Americans at just 5.9 percent — and hourly wages are rising. Additionally, for the first time on record, there are more job openings than there are people to fill them.

Before Trump became president, Democrats predicted he would ruin the economy. Now that it’s doing well, they want to give the credit to Obama.

But if even the “failing” New York Times is admitting that Trump has been good for our economy, he must be doing something right. With rhetoric like “your job isn’t coming back,” is it any wonder the Democrats lost?


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