Sarah Sanders: Obama taking credit for Trump economy is ‘laughable’

December 11, 2017

Former President Barack Obama congratulated himself for continued improvements in the economy in a speech on Tuesday. But the Donald Trump administration isn’t attributing the booming economy to Obama.

Speaking to host Jesse Waters on Fox’s “Watters’ World,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said it was “laughable” for Obama to take credit for the roaring Trump-era economy.

“I think it’s laughable that President Obama thinks he has anything to do with the success of where the economy is right now,” Sanders said.

Sanders: Obama’s claim “laughable”

In Tuesday’s speech, Obama tried to take the credit for Trump’s success, telling the crowd, “As we took these actions [to cut carbon emissions], we saw the U.S. economy grow consistently. We saw the longest streak of job creation in American history by far. A streak that still continues, by the way. Thanks, Obama.”

Sanders wasn’t having any of it. She made it clear that confidence among consumers and businesses has risen thanks to Trump — not Obama.

She told Waters:

This is all a direct result not just of President Trump’s swearing-in, but from the minute he was elected, consumer confidence got stronger, businesses wanted to participate in our economy again, because they have confidence in this president.

Sanders noted that Trump has plans to eliminate more regulations, spurring growth.

“There’s a reason that it continues to go up, and it started when President Trump was elected and when he got into office,” Sanders said. “It had nothing to do with President Obama, and I think everybody knows it, including President Obama. And I think it’s pretty laughable that he’s trying to take credit for it.”

Watch her full interview with Waters:

Sarah Sanders: ‘Laughable’ for Obama to Try to Take Credit for Economy

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said it’s “laughable” that former President Obama is trying to take credit for the booming economy.

The Numbers

Watters correctly noted in his interview with Sanders that 228,000 jobs were added to the U.S. economy in November, including31,000 manufacturing jobs, bringing unemployment to a 17-year low. The unemployment rate was 4.1 percent overall in November, the lowest level since December 2000, when it was 3.9 percent.

Consumer confidence has also rallied since Trump took office, hitting a 17-year high in November. The stock market continues to reach to new heights amid optimism about Trump’s business-friendly policies.

GDP, as Sanders noted, has also grown steadily since Trump became president. The economy grew at a 3.3 percent annual rate in the third quarter, the fastest rate in three years according to the Commerce Department.

Sanders didn’t hesitate to praise the president about these stats on Sunday:

Sarah Sanders on Twitter

I’m old enough to remember when President Trump’s election was going to “crash the market.” One year later: market up over 30%, two million new jobs & 1,000 new manufacturing jobs created every day just last month…and now Obama wants credit for the booming Trump economy.

It is hardly surprising that Obama, who once predicted Trump would ruin the economy, is trying to take credit now that the opposite has turned out to be true. But he can’t have his cake and eat it, too.


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