REPORT: Police Were Wrong About Vegas Shooting?

October 12, 2017

REPORT: Police Were Wrong About Vegas Shooting? Image Source: YouTube

It’s been almost two weeks since Stephen Paddock opened fire from his hotel room at 22,000 people below him at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival on the Las Vegas Strip. Since then, we’ve learned a lot, but, unfortunately, each new piece of information contradicts that which came before, leaving authorities – and Americans – with no clear answers as to what happened.

On Monday, Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo altered the working timeline of the shooting, stating in a press conference that the security guard shot by Paddock outside the gunman’s hotel room was wounded six minutes before the massacre started. Mandalay Bay Hotel, however, denies that is the case, saying the sheriff’s timeline “may not be accurate.”

Discrepancies and Disturbances

Lombardo’s change of the timeline came as a result of new evidence – which he did not explain in detail – that he claimed forced a change in how authorities viewed the incident outside Paddock’s hotel room. Police defended the change in timeline, pointing out that the investigation is fluid, subject to change, and that they report information as they get it.

Mandalay Bay wasted no time in releasing a statement through its parent company’s spokeswoman, Debra DeShong, which gently accused the cops of giving out incorrect information. DeShong stated:

This remains an ongoing investigation with a lot of moving parts. As evidenced by law enforcement briefings over the past week, many facts are still unverified and continue to change as events are under review. We cannot be certain about the most recent timeline that has been communicated publically [sic], and we believe what is currently being expressed may not be accurate.

The Ramifications of the Changes

Mandalay Bay and its parent company, MGM Resorts, have a vested interest in claiming that the police timeline is inaccurate. If Jesus Campos, the security guard shot by Paddock, was actually wounded before the shooting, then the resort has some serious explaining to do, such as what was going on in the 18 minutes between when Campos was shot, and when police reached the 32nd floor – 18 minutes that resulted in hundreds of victims.

Fox reports that the hotel is remaining silent on when – or if – hotel security told police about Campos’ condition, or that there was a problem in their hotel at all. Fox News analyst Judge Anthony Napolitano bluntly commented: “So Mandalay Bay knew of the existence and presence and workability of the automatic weapon six minutes before he started killing people. That should have triggered an enormous response.”

Information continues to be released about the shooting and the investigation is ongoing.

Kit Perez

Kit Perez is a Conservative Institute contributor. She is an intelligence analyst with a dual specialty in counterintelligence and HUMINT. She writes on national security, tech, and privacy issues. Kit has a B.A. in Counterintelligence and an M.A. in Intelligence Studies from American Military University.