Owner of infamous ‘F— Trump’ truck arrested in Texas

July 10, 2018

Owner of infamous ‘F— Trump’ truck arrested in Texas Kayasit Sonsupap / Shutterstock.com

In what would surely qualify as hate speech if the message was deemed offensive to the left, motorists of Fort Bend, Texas have been forced to endure a profane anti-Trump message during their daily commutes. The revolting display came courtesy of Miguel and Karen Fonseca, who became something of local celebrities after plastering obscene anti-Trump bumper stickers on the back window of their pickup truck, including one that read: “F— Trump and F— you for voting for him.”

However, the Fonsecas may have tempted fate through their desire to advertise their political beliefs and insult their neighbors in the process. Following his wife’s arrest for fraud last year, Miguel Fonseca was taken into custody this weekend after police pulled him over and discovered he had two outstanding warrants for his arrest.

Sticker shock

Although Miguel Fonseca, whose wife prefers to call him Mike, ensured that his vehicle was properly decorated for the anti-Trump resistance, he failed to use a front license plate in accordance with state laws. The Houston Chronicle reported that Fonseca was pulled over at 5:41 p.m. Sunday on U.S. Highway 59 in Sugar Land, Texas for failing to display the front plate, after which the officer discovered that he had two outstanding warrants — for speeding and failure to appear.

Having proven himself to be a man of questionable judgment, Fonseca didn’t do himself any favors by subsequently resisting arrest — for which he received a new criminal charge. Sugar Land Police Department spokesman Doug Adolph told the Chronicle that Fonseca refused to exit the vehicle and had to be forcibly removed.

Unfortunately for the Fonsecas, their mobile billboard was impounded because Karen Fonseca did not arrive on the scene in time to receive her husband’s consent to take the vehicle. The distraught anti-Trumper responded by starting a GoFundMe account to pay for her husband’s legal expenses and denounce the local police. She wrote:

My husband was JUST ARRESTED because of our window tint being 2 shades too dark. He was followed by 3 white police officers that were in our neighborhood due to an unrelated dispute. The police saw our truck, followed my husband some ways, and pulled him over about 7 miles from the house. My husband was told the window tiny was 2 shades too dark. He was then taken into custody for a 7 year old unpaid ticket.

“ALSO the police added a criminal charge to his unpaid ticket, RESISTING ARREST!” she added. “We really need your help in getting him out and getting our truck back!” As of Tuesday afternoon, Mrs. Fonseca has received $108 of her $1,000 goal.

Dumb and Dumber

Incidentally, this wasn’t the first time this deranged family ran afoul of the law, only to identify themselves as the victims of police discrimination. After Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls arrested Mrs. Fonseca on a felony warrant for fraud in November 2017, she retaliated by manufacturing and selling “F— Troy Nehls” stickers. Offering their children a disturbing lesson in civic engagement, the pair even let their kids take part in their expletive-laced entrepreneurial project.

The Rosenberg Police Department, which ultimately hauled in Karen Fonseca, announced that her warrant originated from a June 29, 2015 indictment for alleged fraudulent possession or use of identifying information. The unsealed indictment asserts that during the spring of 2014, Karen Fonseca did “unlawfully and with the intent to harm or defraud another, obtain and or possess and or transfer and or use the identifying information of [redacted] … without the complainant’s consent … ”

The Fort Bend Sheriff’s Office maintains that, while Karen Fonseca was not arrested because of the offensive messages advertised on her vehicle, the complaints that the stickers elicited from locals brought the vehicle to their attention, at which point they ran her license plate and discovered her active warrant.

Before her arrest, and after receiving “numerous calls regarding the offensive display” on Fonseca’s vehicle, Nehls may have overstepped his authority by posting a message on social media asking the driver of the vehicle to modify the stickers, arguing that the slogan qualified as disorderly conduct. Texas law defines this misdemeanor as “abusive, indecent, profane, or vulgar language in a public place, and the language by its very utterance tends to incite an immediate breach of the peace.”

However, a landmark 1971 Supreme Court precedent established by Cohen Vs. California found that a “F— the draft” jacket didn’t violate any statutes because it wasn’t likely to lead to violence.

A lesson in discretion

Still, the Fonsecas weren’t arrested, detained or otherwise penalized as a direct result of their crude display of partisan disloyalty. Rather, they’re experiencing the consequences of poor decision-making. Like the drug dealer who purchases a luxury automobile, or the career criminal who scars his face with memorable tattoos, the Fonsecas fit the all-too-common mold of the dumb criminal.

And yet, when a Louisiana man without any warrants was temporarily detained a few years ago for having a “Don’t Tread on Me” bumper sticker while police conducted a background check on him, the episode barely registered as a blip on the media’s radar. The man was reportedly harassed by law enforcement for the uncontroversial sticker following a Department of Homeland Security report on right-wing extremism.

The bottom line is that the Fonsecas were arrested not once, but twice, after drawing attention to themselves in a negative manner. So long as they continue to broadcast their derogatory messages, they will likely continue to attract unwanted attention to themselves.


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