Media forced to acknowledge Bill Clinton’s victims

November 14, 2017

Media forced to acknowledge Bill Clinton’s victims Center for American Progress / CCL

The issues of sexual harassment, assault, and even rape are front and center in the media right now, as once powerful men in Hollywood, politics, and the media are accused of vile behavior, even against children. The media is all too happy to print every salacious detail and the coverage has reached near-saturation level — but now they’re in an uncomfortable position.

It was only a matter of time before the media was forced to revisit the crimes of former President Bill Clinton, who not only carried on a sick affair with an intern but was accused of violently raping a campaign volunteer and sexually assaulting several other women. At the time, his accusers were widely discredited and silenced; but times have changed.

What’s Good for the Goose…

As more women – and even men – accuse everyone from well-known GOP politicians to Hollywood directors and actors of predatory behavior, Bill Clinton’s name is coming up more often, and his victims may actually see some long-awaited vindication.

Caitlin Flanagan, editor of The Atlantic, admitted that Clinton’s followers were “on the wrong side of history” when defending him against allegations of sexual assault and rape. It’s a position many in the media are finding themselves in, after dismissing the accusations against Clinton for decades.

MSNBC host Chris Hayes posted a snippet of Juanita Broaddrick’s account of Clinton raping her, and asked, “In light of all we’ve been hearing and reading this last month…ask yourself if it’s credible.” Broaddrick’s story sounds far too familiar now – someone leveraging their position of power to put a weaker, more defenseless victim in a dangerous situation with horrifying results.

The Media Eats Crow

VICE also weighed in, with columnist Eve Peyser saying on Twitter that she believes Broaddrick, and even The New York Times admitted that Broaddrick was telling the truth. Columnist Michelle Goldberg, of course, in true Times fashion, blamed the right for no one taking Broaddrick seriously in the first place.

Broaddrick tweeted her reaction to the Times column:

CNN anchor Jake Tapper went so far as to say that Clinton’s accusers “weren’t given the credence and treated with the same respect that these [current accusers] are being treated.” Tapper went on to say that “the media treated those women poorly.”

Naturally, not everyone on the left is willing to admit they might have supported a sexual predator. Just last October, the women of “The View” called Clinton’s accusers “tramps.” It will be interesting to see what they have to say now.

Kit Perez

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