Afghan man plows through crowd of Christmas shoppers, injuring 19

December 22, 2017

If there’s one thing that the world can count on, it’s that the mainstream media will fall all over itself trying to characterize Islamic terror attacks as anything but that. Even though according to statistics, over 32,000 lethal attacks have occurred since 9/11, the media will do whatever it can to ensure that attacks are blamed on anything else, for as long as possible.

Now it’s happened again. Nineteen people, including a preschool-age child, have been hospitalized after a willful attack in which a man of Afghan descent named Saeed Noori used his car to ram into pedestrians in Melbourne, Australia.

The Mental Health Excuse

According to the New York Post, Noori plowed into crowds of busy Christmas shoppers near the Flinders Street train station after running a red light at the intersection and accelerating to maximize damage.

Driving a Suzuki SUV, Noori slammed into the pedestrians crossing the street; witnesses say that the victims were being thrown all over the street after impact.

Even though this attack mirrors several others, and uses tactics well-known by terrorist groups such as Islamic State, Australian authorities were quick to dismiss the possibility that Noori’s action was motivated by Islamic extremism.

The Victoria State Police acting commissioner told the Post that there was no “evidence or any intelligence to indicate there’s a connection with terrorism.”

Instead, media reports focused on Noori’s mental health history, stating that he had been under medical care for both drug use and psychiatric issues. The Post stated that Noori was “known to police” for both traffic offenses and domestic violence against family members in the past.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews called the attack “an act of evil and an act of cowardice, perpetrated against innocent bystanders.”

But Was it Terrorism?

While Noori may have been under treatment for mental health issues and drug abuse, that’s not enough for some to dismiss the idea that jihad struck again. The Jewish News Agency tweeted a video of Noori in the aftermath of the attack, stating that “Jihad in Melbourne, London, New York and Paris is the same Jihad in #Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Ashkelon.”

Even Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull admitted that “nothing should be ruled out” in terms of motive.

Though the media refuses to call the act terrorism, authorities arrested a second man who was filming the incident while it happened.

When searching the man after the arrest, police found three knives – leading to speculation that he may have been involved in the attack and filming it for future propaganda use.

An investigation into the attack is ongoing.


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Kit Perez

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