Where was Jeffrey Epstein’s cellmate? New reports raise more questions than answers

August 13, 2019

The Manhattan jail that was holding Jeffrey Epstein appears to have taken every step to allow the pedophile to end his life on his own terms.

The 66-year-old’s cellmate was reportedly transferred out before his death and not replaced, as protocol requires, and the nation’s most high-profile prisoner had not been checked on for hours when he was found dead in his jail cell Saturday, according to media reports. More shocking, one of the two guards assigned to patrol Epstein’s unit was a substitute — not a full-time corrections officer.

Mainstream media have labeled those questioning the official narrative “conspiracy theorists,” but there is little about Epstein’s death that makes sense. At the very least, Epstein’s suicide seems to have been helped by an alarming pattern of negligence that almost appears deliberate.

New details raise new questions

Many were bewildered to learn that Epstein was, for some odd reason, taken off suicide watch before his death — despite a suicide attempt by Epstein only weeks before. In the days since the news of Epstein’s death, a trickle of information has done little to make his death appear less strange.

The pedophile was reportedly left alone the night before he killed himself. He wasn’t being watched for hours, and a cellmate who left for some reason was not immediately replaced. Around 6 a.m. Saturday, Epstein was found unresponsive. He reportedly strangled himself with a bedsheet.

According to the official story, Epstein’s guards were working overtime to make up for staff shortages — but to add to the odd picture, one of Epstein’s guards was reportedly not a corrections officer. The Justice Department announced Tuesday that the warden of the jail has been temporarily reassigned, and two of Epstein’s guards have been placed on leave.

Two guards were supposed to check in on Epstein once every half an hour. If he were still on suicide watch, guards would have had to monitor him every 15 minutes — but neither protocol seems to have been followed.

Epstein was placed in the Special Housing Unit after being taken off suicide watch sometime in late July, apparently at the request of his lawyers.

Epstein story gets stranger

Epstein’s former cellmate, an intimidating ex-cop and murderer, said he heard nothing on the morning of Epstein’s suicide but knows a “heck of a lot” about Epstein’s last days on Earth. The inmate was separated from Epstein after the pedophile’s first suicide attempt, which authorities suspected might have been an assault by the cop killer.

Epstein’s death before his trial has sparked outrage, and the official story has done little to placate public anger or curiosity. The money manager’s demise prompted immediate speculation that he was murdered by rich and powerful people who were implicated in his crimes, given his wide connections to Hollywood elites, presidents, and high-rolling businessmen.

According to the official narrative, this miscarriage of justice was facilitated by plain incompetence, rather than a high-level conspiracy by a global cabal of depraved pedophiles. But many have balked at the irregular circumstances of Epstein’s death, especially considering his demonstrated risk of suicide and the high-profile nature of his case.

Not even the cause of death has been conclusively established after an autopsy on Sunday, the results of which are pending “further information.” Meanwhile, it was reported by the New York Post on Tuesday that someone, possibly a first-responder, made a detailed posted on the message board 4chan about Epstein’s death 40 minutes before it was publicly announced.

At the very least, there is reason to question whether Epstein’s death occurred with the silent sanction of those charged with keeping him alive long enough to face justice. It is beyond belief that he was not kept under a close watch, and that he was taken off suicide watch in the first place sounds like something worth an investigation.

For his part, Attorney General William Barr has vowed to get to the bottom of the “serious irregularities” at the prison, which he said “appalled” him.


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Matthew Boose

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