Chris Wallace: Those unmoved by Marie Yovanovitch testimony ‘don’t have a pulse’

November 16, 2019

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace further proved he will never get on the Trump Train during special coverage of the public impeachment hearings, calling testimony from former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch “very powerful” and saying that if viewers were not moved by it, they “don’t have a pulse.”

Wallace went on to chronicle Yovanovitch’s 30-year career in the State Department to emphasize what he clearly perceived to be the sympathetic nature of her story.

“This is a woman who had served in seven posts for presidents of both parties for more than 30 years,” Wallace said of Yovanovitch. “In hardship posts, places like Somalia, like Tashkent, and she tells a story of being a leading fighter against corruption in Ukraine, being called out of a meeting that was an event at the U.S. embassy to honor an anti-corruption fighter that was later killed, because acid was thrown at that woman’s face.”

Yovanovitch testified that she returned from that event to be told that Trump was going to withdraw support for her. “We can’t protect you anymore,” she said she was told by then-Deputy Secretary of State John Solomon, who had just been appointed ambassador to Russia.

Emotional testimony

Friday’s testimony from the career diplomat was widely characterized as emotionally charged, and Democrat questioners asked her several times about how she personally felt about everything that had transpired. Critics would argue, however, that the former ambassador’s reactions on an emotional level do not amount to particularly relevant evidence in an impeachment inquiry into the president of the United States.

Portraying Yovanovitch as anything other than a fired employee with an obvious axe to grind plays right into the Orange Man Bad playbook of the left. It doesn’t really matter whether Yovanovitch’s feelings were hurt by Trump or, for that matter, whether she was even good at her job.

No matter what else happened, as president, Trump had and has the right to keep or fire any ambassador he wants. He has the right — and the responsibility —  to conduct foreign policy as he sees fit, and her hurt feelings don’t change the fact that he wanted a different person in that role.

Like the others who testified before her this week, Yovanovitch didn’t have any direct knowledge of the July 25 phone call that is supposed to be the subject of the impeachment inquiry. And once again, Democrats attempted to engage in a smear campaign against Trump based on hearsay and innuendo, not on any actual evidence of wrongdoing.

Wallace’s hope

The fact that Chris Wallace has latched onto this testimony and asserted that it is especially damaging to Trump shouldn’t be surprising. He is a Never Trumper and will readily interpret just about anything as persuasive proof that this president needs to go.

Wallace even characterized a Friday morning tweet from Trump about Yovanovitch’s diplomatic tenure as “witness intimidation.”

Wallace seems to be hoping that if they can’t get Trump on the phone call — and it’s looking more and more like they won’t — Democrats can go after him for witness intimidation. Democrats and Never Trumpers are unlikely to stop trying to find something they can use to get rid of Trump, no matter how many times they fail and how many millions of taxpayer dollars they have to spend.

The reality is that Trump is using Twitter because it represents of the few methods he has available to respond to the unyielding attacks that have been a hallmark of an impeachment inquiry utterly lacking in transparency. Since House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) has not seen fit to allow much, if any, rebuttal to or cross-examination of the witnesses he has called, what other choice does he have?


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Jen Krausz

Jen Krausz is a Conservative Institute staff writer. A lifelong member of the Republican Party, she has an English degree from a liberal arts college and has contributed to numerous publications including Newsmax.