Tyrus returns to Fox News days after report reveals allegations of sexual harassment

June 17, 2019

Fox News personality Tyrus has returned to the airwaves days after it was revealed that he was accused of sexual harassment by a co-star.

The former wrestler was booted from his Fox Nation show Un-PC in April after co-host Britt McHenry accused him of sending her “unwanted and unsolicited text messages with lewd, sexual comments,” the Daily Beast reported last week.

Fox News said in a statement Wednesday — just as Tyrus debuted his new solo show, NUFFSAID — that the issue was “resolved” after an investigation. The network wrote:

While we are not at liberty to discuss the details of any employee matter, we follow strict protocols when matters such as these are brought to our attention, and we make no exceptions. The process works because of the extensive systems and measures we have instituted. This situation was independently investigated and we consider the matter resolved. We respect the confidentiality of all involved.

He’s back

Tyrus is one of the flagship personalities for Fox Nation, Fox News’ streaming-only service. Fox announced on May 23 that the former wrestler would get his own show, NUFFSAID.

It’s not exactly clear when the decision was made to move Tyrus off of Un-PC to his independent show, but the ex-wrestler reportedly hasn’t been on Un-PC since April. He has continued to appear on Fox News Channel as a contributor, however, and NUFFSAID debuted on Fox Nation on Wednesday morning.

Tyrus appeared on The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino on Friday, his first appearance on Fox News Channel since the complaints were revealed. In a segment on President Donald Trump’s criminal justice reform initiative, Tyrus said that redemption is “the American way.”

“I think redemption is really the American way,” Tyrus said. “And for a long time, it seemed to be for certain aspects of our society it is not allowed. I’m glad to see that people can make mistakes, pay for their mistakes, and be allowed to have a fresh start — and a fresh opportunity to put those mistakes behind them.”

Tyrus also made an appearance Saturday on the Greg Gutfeld Show, according to the program’s official Twitter account. Tyrus makes regular appearances on the program, and Gutfeld has described Tyrus as his “massive sidekick.”

Taking on Fox

In a tweet that she later deleted Wednesday, McHenry claimed to have “proof” of the harassment by Tyrus, whose real name is George Murdoch, after the complaints were publicized.

“You act like I don’t have proof. Smh [shaking my head]. Carry on,” she wrote.

McHenry hired lawyers at Wigdor LLP, a law firm that has represented dozens of women in lawsuits against Fox, to press her complaint. Fox has been roiled by high-profile sexual harassment lawsuits in the past, including against cable patriarch Bill O’Reilly and late CEO Roger Ailes.

McHenry, a former ESPN journalist, joined Fox Nation in 2018. She launched Un-PC with Tyrus in November.

She left ESPN in 2015 after a video surfaced of her berating a tow truck company employee. McHenry was suspended for a week over the video, which showed her insulting the employee’s education and appearance in a vulgar rant.


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