Schweizer: Trump is ‘right’ to ask that Ukraine investigate Biden

September 21, 2019

Democrats and the media were up in arms all week about a so-called “whistleblower” complaint that President Donald Trump had made a “troubling” “promise” to a foreign leader. It is now being reported that Trump made repeated requests for Ukraine to investigate possible corruption involving the Biden family.

Front-running Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden defensively condemned Trump’s reported request as “outrageous” and “an overwhelming abuse of power.” But Author Peter Schweizer said Friday that Trump is “right” to ask for a thorough investigation into Biden’s son’s lucrative Ukraine dealings.

“What is he being paid for?”

“The underlying story here involves Hunter Biden going around the world really collecting large payments from foreign governments and foreign oligarchs,” Schweizer, author of several books documenting governmental corruption, told Fox News host Laura Ingraham.

“In the case of Ukraine, he’s being paid $83,000 a month by a corrupt Ukrainian oligarch who runs a company called Burisma, and he is supposed to be advising them on natural gas regulatory issues,” he continued. “He has no background in Ukraine, he has no background in energy or natural gas.”

“So the question is, what is he being paid for? He’s not being paid for his expertise — he has none,” Schweizer said. With regard to the former vice president, he added, “His father, at this time, was the point person on U.S. policy to Ukraine.”

“Donald Trump is right to ask the question and to ask that there be an investigation to see what Hunter Biden was being paid for,” he said. “Joe Biden has offered no answers. Hunter Biden, when he’s been asked about this, has lied repeatedly, and they’ve been proven lies by ABC News and other outlets.”

Schweizer went on to say that the whistleblower’s alleged evidence should be considered, but that everyone should remember that the “underlying issue involves corruption at the highest scale.”

If true, Bidens are in big trouble

Fox News legal analyst Greg Jarrett told Ingraham that the only “quid pro quo” in the entire story was Joe Biden’s threat to withhold aid money to Ukraine unless they fired a prosecutor who was investigating the corrupt natural gas company with which Hunter Biden was involved.

He also argued that the so-called “whistleblower” wasn’t really an actual whistleblower at all, but rather another “Deep State” official in the federal bureaucracy who was spying on the president and had potentially obtained and leaked unauthorized information.

Later in the segment, Ingraham suggested that Democrats may ultimately regret focusing so much attention this, because the attention might backfire on the Bidens.

Schweizer agreed, noting that Hunter Biden’s activities in China might also come under scrutiny. He is known to have made a substantial sum of money there as well, again for providing “expertise” on matters in which he had no background.

Trump quoted Schweizer in a tweet Saturday afternoon, writing, “‘They’re trying to turn what was a Biden scandal into a Trump scandal.’ @PeterSchweizer The problem is, ‘Trump’ did nothing wrong!”


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Ben Marquis

Ben Marquis is a staff writer for Conservative Institute.