Trump: ‘Nancy Pelosi hates the United States of America’

Just one night after holding a rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota, President Donald Trump traveled down to Lake Charles, Lousiana, for a rally on Friday night in advance of a special election for the governorship.

As he has a tendency to do, Trump’s speech contained plenty of off-the-cuff remarks which, at one point, led him to assert that Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “hates America,” or she wouldn’t be putting the country through a divisive impeachment.

Whistleblowers, Shifty Schiff, and Nervous Nancy

The president’s riff on Pelosi came during a meandering discussion of the so-called “whistleblower” who filed a complaint over a phone call Trump had in July with the Ukrainian president. Democrats allege that wrongdoing — specifically, a “quid pro quo” — occurred, but that is not at all evident in a transcript of the call that was released by the White House.

From the whistleblower, Trump moved on to talk for a moment about “Shifty Schiff” — Democratic House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff — and ripped him for making up fake quotes from the phone call during a Congressional hearing, intended to frame things in the most negative way possible.

Then Trump transitioned to “Nervous Nancy” Pelosi, and transformed the crowd’s boos into cheers as he mocked her erratic hand movements and pretended to readjust dentures, something she has become known for doing.

“She hates the country”

“Nervous Nancy — I used to think she loved the country; She hates the country,” Trump said. “Because she wouldn’t be doing this to the country if she did.”

“She hates the country. Nancy Pelosi hates the United States of America, because she wouldn’t be doing this,” he continued. “And I’m telling you, foreign nations, foreign people looking at us — they honestly think we’re nuts.”

“But she was angry as hell when she got to read the transcript, because she said ‘wait a minute, that’s not what I was told.’ But she was stuck,” Trump added, referencing how Pelosi had announced the start of the impeachment process prior to the release of the transcript that undermined the left’s false narrative about the phone call.

Following that, Trump returned to ranting against Schiff’s made-up version of the phone call with the Ukrainian president and suggested that such blatant lies — delivered before Congress and the American people — should be considered a crime.

Watch the clip below, from the Washington Examiner:

Trump: ‘Nancy Pelosi hates the United States of America’

Uploaded by dcexaminer on 2019-10-12.

Stumping for the GOP

Trump was in Louisiana to support two Republican candidates who are attempting to unseat Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards. “Tomorrow you will head to the polls and vote to replace a liberal Democrat who has sold you out, John Bel Edwards, with a great Republican governor,” Trump encouraged the crowd.

Republicans U.S. Rep. Ralph Abraham and businessman Eddie Rispone are both vying for the position, and Trump did not endorse either candidate. Edwards is a pro-Second Amendment, anti-abortion governor who has avoided clashing with the president, but Trump warned Lousiana voters that Edwards “does nothing but stymie all of the things we are doing to Make America Great Again.”

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