Rush Limbaugh calls for arrest of DOJ officials who attempted ‘silent coup’ against President Trump

February 18, 2019

FBI and DOJ officials who attempted a “silent coup” against President Donald Trump should be locked up, Rush Limbaugh said Sunday.

The most popular radio host in America slammed the Democrats in a wide-ranging interview that touched on the border crisis and recent revelations by former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe that the Justice Department discussed booting Trump out of the office by invoking the 25th Amendment. “These guys, if you ask me, ought to be the ones in jail,” he told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday.

Limbaugh: FBI Trump haters should be in jail

Limbaugh blasted the alleged attempt by unelected bureaucrats to unilaterally discard the result of a presidential election.

“People, simply because they don’t like a guy’s hairstyle or like where he came from, decided the American people’s decision was invalid and began a systematic process to get him out of office — this is a silent coup,” Limbaugh said. “These guys, if you ask me, ought to be the ones in jail. They ought to be the ones under investigation. What they have done, working with agents from the Obama intelligence agencies, is simply unprecedented.”

He went on to call the situation “one of the greatest political hoaxes that has ever been perpetrated on the people of this country, certainly in generations.”

Limbaugh was referring to McCabe’s testimony in a CBS interview that there were discussions at the Justice Department about removing Trump from office and that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein discussed secretly recording the president and even showed interest in how many Cabinet officials would support an ouster. Allegations that Rosenstein discussed the 25th Amendment and wire-tapping Trump surfaced in a New York Times report in the fall, but Rosenstein denied them at the time and held onto his job. He still denies them as “inaccurate and factually incorrect.”

Fox confirmed in a Sunday report that former FBI lawyer James Baker testified in private to the House last year that there were top-level talks at the DOJ about ousting Trump and that two Cabinet officials were on board with the plan in its early stages.

Rush blasts lawless Dems, RINOs

Limbaugh also said on Sunday that the Democrats have no respect for the rule of law, whether it comes to immigration or the “Deep State” coup to invalidate the people’s election of Donald Trump. The Democrats are encouraging an “invasion” that threatens the United States but from which they stand to benefit, he said.

“The very existence and definition of American culture, American society, the rule of law — why does nobody talk about the fact that millions and millions and millions of people are breaking the law here illegally and the Democrat Party wants that to happen?” Rush wondered.

Asked by Wallace why he supports Trump’s national emergency declaration to build the wall but not former President Obama’s executive orders to shield illegal immigrants from deportation, Limbaugh said that it’s a difference between right and wrong and that Obama “was furthering this existing problem” of illegal immigration.

Limbaugh went on to say that the compromise bill signed by both parties to end the government shutdown which includes only $1.4 billions for the wall, far less than Trump is seeking, shows that there are Republicans working with Democrats to take down Trump.

“The purpose of this bill, I think, was eventually to be used by the Democrats and some Republicans to tell the American people, ‘See, electing President Trump was pointless, worthless, he can’t protect you, he can’t stop us, he can’t do what he said he was going to do, because we hate him so much we’re not going to allow him to do it’ — that’s what this bill is,” Limbaugh said. Take a look:

Trump slams DOJ for “very illegal” plot

Limbaugh also responded to accusations that “wacko right” radio personalities like himself and Ann Coulter have undue influence on Trump. While Limbaugh agreed with Wallace that Trump “cares about what everybody thinks,” the radio host insisted that he doesn’t make policy.

“If these people in the media really thought that I was telling Trump what to do and when they’d be calling me,” he said. “It’s just another effort to continue to try to diminish the president — diminish President Trump as someone who doesn’t know what he’s doing, can’t do it without guidance from the wacko right… It’s not at all the way he’s governing, and there isn’t anybody doing what I do that has a thing to do with actually making policy for this president.”

President Trump quoted Limbaugh in a tweet on Sunday calling for compromised DOJ and FBI officials to be jailed, and he laced into the DOJ on Monday again for plotting a “very illegal act.” Meanwhile, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC) vowed Sunday to subpoena McCabe and Rosenstein to testify about the alleged coup if they won’t do so of their own volition.


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