‘No bias here’: Liberal reporters go shopping with 2020 hopeful Kamala Harris

February 17, 2019

‘No bias here’: Liberal reporters go shopping with 2020 hopeful Kamala Harris Kim Wilson / Shutterstock.com

While liberal-leaning media outlets like CNN and NBC are trying to convince the public that they’re as independent as can be, they’re not doing a great job showing it.

Democrat senator and 2020 hopeful Kamala Harris got some good publicity on Saturday when she went shopping with reporters from several mainstream networks who live-tweeted the experience — complete with video footage that appeared to show the California lawmaker right outside a changing room.

Media goes shopping with Kamala

CNN’s Maeve Reston and NBC’s Ali Vitali were among those who joined Harris on Saturday.

Both flooded Twitter with videos and pictures from the trip.

Take a look:

Vitali soon provided her followers with a much-anticipated update: Harris made the weather-appropriate purchase.

If this wasn’t enough publicity for the 2020 hopeful, Vitali went on try to score some more campaign points for Harris. She wrote on Twitter:

Looks like shopping trips with the media are included in the list of perks afforded to Democrats vying for the White House.

A good day to be a Democrat

Conservatives on Twitter weren’t quiet in response to the coverage of Harris’ trip, with many criticizing the reporters for failing to ask her hard-hitting questions, and instead, focusing on her fashion choices.

Arthur Schwartz, a self-described friend of former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci, tweeted on Saturday:

“I just don’t understand why conservatives have a hard time believing NBC’s political reporting,” Schwartz sarcastically wrote in another tweet.

Author Kurt Schlichter and journalist Brit Hume also joined in the fun, criticizing the reporters’ integrity and calling their actions “embarrassing,” respectively.

But it was 2016 Trump campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson who summed things up best, writing:

No bias here. Everyone knows the press treats GOP women the same as Dem women. Who doesn’t remember all those reporters helping Carly Fiorina, Michelle Bachmann & Sarah Palin with their fashion choices & then fawning about it on [T]witter when they ran for [national] office? Oh wait…

Indeed, with the media on their side, it’s a good time to be a Democrat running for office. If you’re a Republican? Forget about it.


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