Trump’s July 4th celebration drew record-breaking ratings for Fox News: Report

July 10, 2019

President Donald Trump’s “Salute to America” was a huge success for the president — and Fox News.

Fox drew in 4.8 million viewers to watch Trump’s July 4 address, garnering higher ratings than ever in its history of Independence Day coverage, according to The Hill. The liberal media outlets that chose to snub Trump’s speech paid for their sour grapes with lower ratings: Fox squashed NBC, which didn’t broadcast the speech nationally, and CNN, which provided hostile coverage of the event.

Breaking records

Fox’s success belies the predictions of pundits who said that Trump’s speech would be gloomy and partisan. In the days leading up to July 4, talking heads frothed about Trump’s decision to include talks and airplanes in a display of military might, while speculation brewed that Trump would take advantage of the holiday to stump for his re-election.

While Fox had its biggest July 4 viewership in history broadcasting the event, the liberal media preoccupied itself with blatantly ideological counter-signaling. Trump’s speech was inarguably the biggest spectacle in town, but mainstream media outlets snubbed it in a display of petulant, naked partisanship.

NBC, ABC, MSNBC, and CBS all streamed the address on their websites, but not on live television, except by some local affiliates in Washington. Fox streamed the whole speech live, with Mike Emanuel hosting.

Compared to Fox’s nearly 5 million viewers, the mainstream media’s partisan newscasting was received with crickets. Fox beat MSNBC and CNN combined, averaging more than double their total ratings, according to the Washington Examiner.

NBC attracted a measly 374,000 viewers with re-runs of the previous week’s Democratic primary debates. CNN, which broadcasted Trump’s speech with a negative spin and only in part, brought in 1.5 million viewers.

In the coveted 25-to-54 demographic, Fox also came out on top. Fox attracted 793,000 viewers in the category, more than double CNN’s 353,000, and more than CNN and MSNBC combined. MSNBC squeaked out 42,000 viewers.

Meanwhile, President Trump is reportedly planning to host another “Salute to America” event next year. He said at the White House on Monday:

It was a wonderful day for all Americans and based on its tremendous success, we’re just making the decision and I think we can say we’ve made the decision to do it again next year. And maybe we can say for the foreseeable future.

Crickets for liberal media hatefest

Before Trump even spoke, the liberal activists in the news media had settled on the talking points for Independence Day: Trump would “hijack” the holiday for his own selfish purposes and tanks would roll through the streets like harbingers of America’s descent into fascism. Leading liberals from MSNBC’s Chris Hayes to former Vice President Joe Biden agreed that Trump’s July 4 celebration would be a very, very dark day indeed.

The cynicism of the liberal press was drowned out by thousands of Americans who gathered at the National Mall to hear the president speak despite rain and threats of thunderstorms. While tanks and fighter jets did make an appearance,  the president proved the talking heads wrong and delivered a patriotic, unifying speech.

“Our nation is stronger today than it ever was before. It is its strongest now,” Trump said. “We celebrate our history, our people, and the heroes who proudly defend our flag: the brave men and women of the United States military.”

The anti-Trump pundits still found a way to bash Trump’s unobjectionable speech with pedantic sniggering about its content. The spirit of patriotism was clearly lost on CNN talking heads who bashed Trump’s speech as “rudimentary, and “eighth-grade history” lifted from Wikipedia and “Schoolhouse Rock,” as NewsBusters’ Curtis Houck points out.

The cynicism continued as journalists, utterly missing the point of the holiday, latched onto glosses and mistakes in Trump’s speech, including a reference to 18th-century “airports.” Never failing to find excuses to make Trump look bad, Democrats have otherwise complained about the supposedly exorbitant cost of the event and even called for an investigation into whether it was legal.

As it turns out, Americans would rather watch their president honor their country on July 4 than watch pompous journalists bash America from inside of a glossy studio. Who would have thought?


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Matthew Boose

Matthew Boose is a staff writer for Conservative Institute. He has a Bachelor's degree from Stony Brook University and has contributed to The Daily Caller and The Stony Brook Press.