Rashida Tlaib blasts ‘ridiculous’ arrest of pro-impeachment protesters

May 15, 2019

Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) isn’t happy that Capitol Hill police crashed an impeachment rally.

The Michigan lawmaker blasted the arrest Tuesday of eight protesters who were agitating to impeach Donald Trump. It comes after Tlaib, who is mostly known for wanting to “impeach the mother******” and her revisionist history of the Holocaust, held an impeachment rally outside the Capitol on Thursday.

“This is ridiculous. This is the people’s House and they have every right to demand accountability of this lawless President,” Tlaib tweeted.

Tlaib blasts arrest of impeachment protesters

Eight protesters were arrested Tuesday inside the House Cannon Rotunda and charged with crowding, obstructing or incommoding, The Hill reported. Tlaib responded to a tweet from By the People, a progressive group that organized the Capitol Hill protests.

“This is how we take back our democracy. When the people lead, Congress and those in power will follow. Today, I uplift the brave fighters who are demanding accountability of this lawless President. Our future and country depend on it,” Tlaib tweeted.

Rashida Tlaib on Twitter

This is how we take back our democracy. When the people lead, Congress and those in power will follow. Today, I uplift the brave fighters who are demanding accountability of this lawless President. Our future and country depend on it. #TimetoImpeach https://t.co/VeaDb2ZrEy

Tlaib has long been among the most vocal Democrats demanding Donald Trump’s impeachment. She made an unfavorable first impression on many Americans when she said that Democrats were going to “impeach the mother******” on her first day in office.

To bolster support for impeachment, Tlaib held a rally outside the Capitol with Rep. Al Green (D-TX), a longtime impeachment advocate. The two introduced a resolution in March calling on the House Judiciary Committee, chaired by Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), to look into impeaching Trump.

The resolution has seven co-sponsors, including fellow freshman Democratic Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), both of whom have also stoked controversy for their extreme anti-American and anti-Israel views.

Calls for impeachment have long been consigned to the fringe of the party, but pressure has mounted on party leadership to pursue impeachment since Robert Mueller’s report was released last month. Democrats who are calling for impeachment claim that the report demonstrates ample evidence that Trump obstructed Mueller’s investigation.

But Democratic leadership has long been wary of taking that route, and Mueller’s report has not significantly changed their course, at least not yet. Even as Nadler and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) declared a “constitutional crisis” last week, neither has called for immediate, unequivocal impeachment like Tlaib, Green, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) have done.

Lawless Democrats embrace anarchy, impeachment, and racism

Impeachment is not the only issue dividing Tlaib from Pelosi. Tlaib’s vulgar introduction to the American people has been followed up by multiple controversial remarks, largely dealing with her extreme anti-Israel views, which have put her at odds with traditional Democrats. Like Omar, Tlaib has created a divide in her party with her careless and offensive anti-Israel rhetoric, which critics say invokes classic anti-Semitic myths.

Tlaib came under fire recently for claiming, falsely, that Palestinians created a “safe haven” for Jews in Israel after the Holocaust. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem during the time of Israel’s founding, Haj Amin Al-Husseini, was a Nazi ally who called for Jews to be massacred.

Pelosi has tamped down calls for impeachment coming from Tlaib and others but has also come to the defense of Tlaib over her latest glib remarks. Pelosi did the same with earlier anti-Semitic controversies sparked by Ilhan Omar. Despite enjoying the support of her party and the mainstream media, Tlaib has continually complained that she is “being silenced” on account of her race, gender, and religion. Tlaib’s strategy is much like Omar’s, Ocasio-Cortez’ and other members of a new generation of radical, lawless progressives, who often play the identity card when criticized.

In an example of that “silencing,” Tlaib went on The Late Show with Seth Myers Monday night to defend her remarks.

It’s not exactly surprising to see a lawmaker as radical as Tlaib bashing police now, too. Radical Democrats like Tlaib don’t believe in the rule of law — only power and holding on to it.


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