Mike Pence hired a new press secretary – but Twitter only cares about who she’s dating

September 22, 2019

Vice President Mike Pence hired a new press secretary last week. But it wasn’t Katie Waldman’s career move that had leftists on Twitter — and beyond — talking.

Waldman is reportedly dating White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller, a relationship that has earned the Florida native her fair share of mockery and scorn on social media, according to The Washington Examiner.

“And now we pray for her”

It was Washington Post reporter Nick Miroff who first pointed out: “Waldman is dating Stephen Miller.” And it didn’t take long for a number of “blue check” journalists and liberal activists to pile on.

Some jokingly offered up their “thoughts and prayers” for the unlucky woman dating Miller, while others expressed “pity” for her.

Actress Bette Midler went so far as to compare Miller to a vampire amid the news, while CNN’s Ana Navarro-Cardenas expressed shock that Miller could even get a real girlfriend.

Of course, there were others who assured their leftist comrades that Waldman isn’t deserving of their pity. Democratic strategist Atima Omara attempted to link Pence’s new press secretary to the alleged practice of “caging children” at the U.S.–Mexico border, while liberal writer Linda Childers warned leftists to think “before you pity her.”

The left’s new punching bag

According to the Examiner, Miller has been widely disliked by the liberal establishment for his tough stance on illegal immigration — not to mention the fact that he is unafraid to push back against the media’s dishonest narratives.

As for Waldman, aside from catching flak over her dating life, the VP’s new staffer has faced criticism for controversial comments she has made about immigration. Prior to being hired as Pence’s press secretary, Waldman served in the Trump administration as the deputy press secretary for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

She has also served with the National Republican Senatorial Committee and with some Republican legislators, such as Arizona Sen. Martha McSally.

But you won’t see leftists on Twitter mentioning Waldman’s impressive resume. To them, she’s just another White House punching bag.


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Ben Marquis

Ben Marquis is a staff writer for Conservative Institute.