Nancy Pelosi has no intention of stepping aside: ‘As long as Trump’s here, I’m here’

September 11, 2018

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi plans to stick around for as long as President Donald Trump is in office.

The Democrat leader told CNN in a Monday night interview that “as long as Trump’s here, I’m here,” even as she admitted that it’s time for some “new blood” in the party.

Pelosi: I won’t leave till Trump does

Pelosi sat down with CNN’s Christian Amanpour to talk about the midterms, the Democratic party, and her own political future. Amanpour asked Pelosi about the challenges to her leadership from a younger generation of Democrats who say it’s time for a change.

“I do agree that it’s time for new blood and we should move on, and if Hillary Clinton had won and the Affordable Care Act was protected — I feel very proprietary about that — I was happy to go my way,” she said.

Pelosi said that since Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election, it was important for her to stay where she is to make sure women are at the table. She also mentioned the vulnerability of the Affordable Care Act under the Trump administration.

“They give me the honor of serving and it’s up to them to choose who comes next. But to have no woman at the table and to have the Affordable Care Act at risk, I said, ‘As long as [Trump’s] here, I’m here,’” she said.

“45,” she clarified, referring to Trump by number rather than by name.

Impeachment if “facts are there”

Pelosi said that it’s “up to the caucus to decide” but that she’s confident that she “will be” Speaker of the House. But more than 50 Democrats running in the midterms, including nine incumbents, have said they will not back her while dozens more have evaded the question.

Amanpour broached a topic that highlighted a split between Pelosi and the younger, more progressive wing of the party advocating new leadership: impeachment. While the party’s radicals have called for impeachment vocally and often, Pelosi has mostly demurred.

Pelosi told Amanpour that seeking impeachment is “divisive” but proceedings could be on the table if the “facts are there.”

“Well, I don’t think that impeachment should be engaged in for political reason but I don’t think it should be avoided for a political reason. In other words, if the facts are there, then it takes us to a place. But that is not our priority. Our priority, again, unifying.”

For impeachment to become more than a progressive fantasy, Democrats must take back the House. Pelosi said her party would win handily if the midterms were held today, with women leading the way.

“If the election were held today, we would win overwhelmingly and women would lead the way,” she said. “We have so many excellent women candidates from women across the country. Women marched and then they ran, and now they’re running and now they’re going to be members of Congress.”


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