Report: Nancy Pelosi revokes Mike Pence’s honorary House office

March 13, 2019

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has kicked Vice President Mike Pence out of his office at the House of Representatives.

Pence was given the office space following Trump’s inauguration in 2017 as a symbolic gift from former Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI), who served with the now-VP through six two-year terms in the House before Pence’s stint as Indiana governor.

Now that Pelosi controls the House — and how office space on the House side of the Capitol is allocated — the office is being shuffled around, as was first reported by NPR on Tuesday.

Pelosi takes Pence’s office away

Office space is reassigned at the beginning of every Congress. A Democrat aide said that Pence’s office was revoked as part of the regular reassignment process.

“Room assignments are reviewed and changed at the beginning of every Congress,” the aide said.

But the vice president rarely used the House office, which NPR described as “a symbolic gesture of the warm relationship Pence enjoyed with Ryan and the House GOP.” A placard with Pence’s name was removed from above the door in recent weeks.

The aide said that Pence was the first vice president in 25 years to have an office on the House side of the Capitol.

President of the Senate

As vice president, Pence is president of the Senate, and he also has an office on that side of the Capitol, where he spends most of his time when visiting the Capitol to push for the president’s agenda.

In his capacity as president of the Senate, Pence has the authority to break tie votes, which he has used to confirm President Trump’s judicial nominees. In all, Pence has broken 13 ties, more than most vice presidents.

As a surrogate for Trump, Pence often lobbies GOP lawmakers at the Capitol to prioritize the president’s agenda. Pence is a staunch advocate of the border wall, for which he has been meeting with lawmakers to build support. However, Pence’s loyalty to Trump has also made him a target for backlash from Republicans disgruntled with the president.

When Pence lost his honorary office in the House, Pelosi gave the White House legislative affairs team office space it didn’t have before under a Republican majority.

The office space reallocation is one of the quieter changes under the House’s new Democratic leadership. House Democrats have also launched a number of sweeping probes into President Trump’s business as Robert Mueller’s investigation of alleged collusion reportedly winds toward a conclusion.


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