Trump gives Pelosi a goodbye kiss on the cheek after Capitol luncheon

March 16, 2019

Trump gives Pelosi a goodbye kiss on the cheek after Capitol luncheon Image Source: Video Screenshot

What kind of terms are President Donald Trump and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on these days? Might there even be some good vibes between the two highest ranking members of their respective parties?

Maybe. Cameras recently caught President Trump giving Pelosi a couple of pecks on the cheek. Watch below:

Friendly Luncheon

The embrace that now has the media gossiping took place at the U.S. Capitol on Thursday. Congress and the president held a “Friends of Ireland Luncheon” to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

As he was taking his leave, the president shook Pelosi’s hand and leaned down to give her a farewell kiss. Pelosi smiled as bagpipes can be heard playing in the background.

Clash of the party leaders

Pelosi regained the speakership after Democrats took the House of Representatives last November. Since then, she and President Trump have largely butted heads.

The biggest point of contention has been Trump’s U.S.-Mexico border wall. Pelosi and the Democrats have been unwilling to include funds for the project in the federal budget which led to the longest government shutdown in history last December.

Trump responded with a roadblock of his own, preventing Pelosi from using the military for her own scheduled travel.

Then, just earlier this week, Trump said he “greatly appreciated” Pelosi for saying she is not interested in pursuing impeachment.

Friends or Foes?

Despite the disagreements, President Trump has treated Pelosi courteously. Marc Short, a former Trump aide who worked as a liaison with Congress, believes this has to do with Pelosi’s “strength.”

“I think the president admires people he views as strong, and he does view her as strong,” Short said. “She’s not only the first woman speaker but she hung around and fought to get back to that place. She’s a historic figure, you can’t deny that.”

Trump, in the manner of a good politician, is likely also trying to remain on good terms with the leader of the opposing party, which currently holds the majority in the House.

Whatever the reason, Trump continues to show Pelosi respect. Whether or not it is illusory remains to be seen.


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Robert Ayers

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