Gregg Jarrett: If Pelosi were serious about impeachment, she’d lose Schiff

In recent weeks, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has begun to talk more about impeaching President Donald Trump. Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett offered some advice on how she could make that goal more attainable. His recommendation?

Dump Adam Schiff, who, as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, is heading up the “impeachment inquiry.”

Pelosi should get rid of Schiff

Jarrett presented the idea during an episode of Fox Nation’s Deep Dive.

“Nancy Pelosi knows this,” Jarrett explained. “In January of this year, she said we cannot impeach for political reasons and now she is doing precisely that. And the person that she has handed the gavel to, Adam Schiff, has a long and distinguished record of not just hatred of President Trump but lies and deceptions and false claims.”

“This,” he continued, “is exactly what the framers feared: that an opposing party would seek to remove a president under impeachment for purely, political, partisan reasons or personal animus.”

Jarrett then brought up Schiff’s history of making false claims.

“[Schiff] pretended he had information he never had, he lied about Carter Page, he lied about the dossier, he lied about saying he had evidence of collusion with President Trump and Russia … He is absolutely the worst person to be presiding over this and if Democrats were serious about impeachment, Pelosi would dump Adam Schiff,” he stated.

Schiff’s lies

However, even that isn’t an exhaustive list of Schiff’s deceptions.

Just last month, the California Democrat went on national television claimed to have had no contact with the CIA employee who filed a whistleblower complaint against the president.

“We have not spoken directly with the whistleblower,” Schiff asserted during an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. “We would like to, but I’m sure the whistleblower has concerns that he has not been advised, as the law requires, by the inspector general or the Director of National Intelligence just as to how he is to communicate with Congress.”

However, the New York Times subsequently reported that Schiff was, in fact, coordinating with the individual in question.

“The whistleblower gave an early account of allegations against President Trump to a House aide who outlined it to Rep. Adam Schiff, who is now leading the impeachment inquiry,” the paper tweeted.

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