Sarah and Todd Palin divorcing, secret court records show

September 10, 2019

Sarah Palin’s husband Todd has apparently filed for divorce, court records show.

The husband of the one-time Alaska governor cited personal differences that are “impossible” to reconcile. The two have been married for 31 years.

Sarah Palin’s husband seeks divorce

Americans don’t hear much about John McCain’s running mate anymore, unless it has to do with some sensational gossip involving members of the Palin family. But now, the Anchorage Daily News reports that Sarah’s husband Todd filed for divorce Friday in Anchorage Superior Court. The former “First Dude” of Alaska cited “incompatibility of temperament between the parties such that they find it impossible to live together as husband and wife.”

The court records list only the initials “SLP” and “TMP.” Alaska blogger Craig Medred scooped the story, noticing that the initials matched up with the couples’ full names — Sarah Louise Palin and Todd Mitchell Palin — and that the listed birthdates lined up with those of Todd and Sarah. It also lists their marriage date of August 1988. Todd’s lawyer has asked for privacy.

The pair are seeking joint custody of their sole dependent, 11-year-old Trig, who has Down syndrome. Their other children, Track, 30, Bristol, 28, Willow, 25, and Piper, 18, are all adults.

Palin resigned from the governorship in 2009 midway through her term and went on to become a significant figure in the Tea Party movement. Her family starred in reality TV shows, including the 2010 TLC program “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” But fast forward to 2019, and they have receded into relative obscurity, with the exception of occasional salacious reports about domestic drama.

Indeed, the former Alaska governor was even snubbed by the McCains, who excluded her from the late John McCain’s funeral last year. In his memoir, McCain said that he regretted picking Palin as his running mate. There may have been deeper than superficial differences: Palin was one of the first Republicans to back Donald Trump in 2016.

Complicated family

It’s a far cry from a decade ago. The Palins became Republican superstars in 2008, when Sarah was McCain’s running mate.

While popular with Republicans, Palin was the subject of much media mockery and she was widely caricatured as a dim-witted yokel. To this day, many Americans still believe Palin said, “I can see Russia from my house”; in fact, it was Tina Fey doing her best impression on Saturday Night Live.

Sensational coverage has continued to follow the Palins since 2008, when Palin’s daughter Bristol became a teen mother during the campaign. Bristol split with the father of her first child, Levi Johnston and went on to marry Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer, whom she divorced last year. Sarah Palin’s eldest child, Track, has been in the media spotlight for legal troubles, including charges of assault and burglary.

Rumors of trouble in Palin’s marriage have swirled for years. Going back a decade, gossip swirled at the height of Palin’s political celebrity that the couple were mulling a divorce and having affairs, but Palin said that the stories were fabrications. As recently as last month, Todd, a motorsport enthusiast and snowmobile champ, was conspicuously absent when Sarah attended the Sturgis motorcycle rally in South Dakota.

Charles M. Blow on Twitter

I can see divorce court from my house…

Meanwhile, many on the left have reacted to news of the divorce with gloating and jokes about the Palins’ complicated family life.


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