Report: Former White House staffer Omarosa secretly recorded conversations with Trump

August 9, 2018

Report: Former White House staffer Omarosa secretly recorded conversations with Trump Evan El-Amin /

Former White House staffer Omarosa Manigault Newman publicly trash talked her boss and his administration after getting fired in December — but according to a new report, she was never loyal to him in the first place.

A former contestant on now-President Donald Trump’s reality show, The Apprentice, Omarosa secretly recorded conversations with the president during her time at the White House, according to a new report from the Daily Beast.

Omarosa secretly recorded Trump

Several sources told the Daily Beast that Omarosa covertly recorded Trump using her smartphone, where the recordings reportedly remain. A source who listened to the recordings described them as “everyday talk,” but Trump’s voice can apparently be heard on them.

Omarosa has since authored a tell-all book on her time in the White House, entitled Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House, which will be published next week. In the book, Omarosa opines that Trump is mentally ill and reveals an alleged attempt to “purge” leakers carried out by herself, Ivanka Trump, and former communications director Anthony Scaramucci.

“Without commenting on the specific contents of Unhinged,” a spokesperson for publisher Simon & Schuster told the Beast, “we are confident that Omarosa Manigault Newman can substantiate her highly-anticipated account of life inside the Trump White House.”

Sources told the Beast that Omarosa used the recordings to sell her book to publishers. In an excerpt from the book, Omarosa reflected that Trump’s mental state seemed to be worsening after watching an interview between him and NBC’s Lester Holt.

Omarosa wrote that Trump showed a “mental decline” that “could not be denied” and that she “realized something real and serious was going on in Donald’s brain” while watching the interview.

Treachery for profit

Omarosa and Trump first met in 2004 when she first appeared on NBC’s The Apprentice. She and Trump were friends for nearly 15 years when she joined his campaign staff.

Omarosa then joined Trump’s White House communications staff in January 2017, where she remained until December 2017 when she was reportedly fired by chief of staff John Kelly.

For her part, the former reality star has disputed the notion that she was fired, saying instead that she resigned.

Omarosa appeared to quickly turn on her former boss after her departure, badmouthing President Trump and his administration, which she called “so bad,” on an episode of Celebrity Big Brother earlier this year. She also said she would not vote for her former boss “in a million years.”

Incidentally, Omarosa is not the only person associated with Trump to have secretly recorded him. Trump’s long-time lawyer Michael Cohen recorded conversations with his client, including a talk about killing a story about a former Playboy model who accused Trump of having an affair with her.

It looks like Omarosa deserved to be fired after all. Hopefully the book deal was worth earning a reputation for treachery.


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