Robert Mueller’s finding of no collusion flipped the tables on Trump’s enemies: Columnist

May 20, 2019

Robert Mueller’s finding of no collusion flipped the tables on Trump’s enemies: Columnist The White House / CCL

For two years, the media pushed the narrative onto the public that Robert Mueller would find collusion between President Donald Trump and Russia. But Mueller never delivered.

The conclusion of Mueller’s investigation with no evidence of collusion being found has flipped the tables on Trump’s enemies, writes Byron York in the Washington Examiner. With the collusion argument lost, Democrats have been left to pull political stunts to distract from Mueller’s central conclusion, York says, while Trump and his allies begin investigating the hoax that swamped Trump’s presidency for two years.

Mueller report changes “everything”

The Mueller report is a dividing line between the two halves of the Trump-Russia story, York writes. Before Mueller’s report was released, Democrats could at least speculate that Trump was a Russian puppet.

But Mueller’s finding of no collusion has blown that claim apart, and with it, the Democrats’ hopes of impeaching the president. However they might claim that Trump obstructed justice, collusion was their central accusation, and it was disproven.

This simple fact changes everything. With no collusion, Democrats have moved on instead to claiming that Trump obstructed justice. But with no underlying crime, there is hardly a predicate for an obstruction charge — and even if there were, Mueller’s report proved that Trump had no intent to obstruct the probe.

Not that it’s a legal matter anymore, York argues. Nobody, least of all the talking heads themselves, is really splitting hairs over whether Trump actually committed a crime. Mueller’s sprawling report, with its long, abstruse legal arguments that few people have the interest to read, paved the way for the media to tell their own, entirely political story on television about Mueller’s findings.

There’s just one problem with this circus: with the Mueller report now released, judgment on Trump’s presidency has moved from the Justice Department to the court of public opinion. When push comes to shove, Trump has a devastating argument: he simply did not collude with the Russians, as Democrats spent two years claiming.

A televised political circus

Without any actual facts on their side, the media and the Democrats have taken to hyping up the Trump-Russia story as primetime political entertainment. They’re now claiming that Attorney General William Barr somehow hid President Trump’s real crimes in the small portion of Mueller’s report that he left redacted.

Indeed, the Democrats have been left to squeeze whatever scandal they can out of the report, and the result has been an unhinged political circus. Declaring a “constitutional crisis,” Democrats have threatened to arrest and fine the attorney general and any Trump official who doesn’t play along with their post-mortem Mueller report hysteria.

Without evidence of collusion, the left has turned instead to shoring up support for impeachment with sensational testimony about Trump’s elusive crimes from various witnesses, like Donald McGahn, while pulling political stunts to keep the collusion story alive. To this end, York pointed to John Cusack’s reading of the Mueller report on C-SPAN, which was a 12-hour political snore-fest.

But this circus act can only go on for so long. The left is struggling to keep the public interested in their Russian fairy tale — and even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) still isn’t sold on impeachment.

Investigating the investigators

But the Democrats’ devastation on the collusion argument isn’t their only problem. While Trump has been exonerated, he has also been given an opportunity to pursue those responsible for the prejudiced, baseless investigation that dogged him through much of his first term.

President Trump has a faithful attorney general in Bill Barr, who has appointed U.S. Attorney John Durham to review misconduct among senior intelligence officials in the Russia investigation. Meanwhile, Inspector General Michael Horowitz is nearly finished with his investigation of misconduct in the Russia probe by intelligence agents.

Perhaps there is no better sign that the tables are turning than the finger-pointing in the intelligence community, as the FBI and CIA begin trading accusations over who pushed the infamous Russia dossier. Was it James Comey? John Brennan?

York certainly has a point: the Trump-Russia story didn’t used to look like this. Accountability is coming.


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