Top Mueller prosecutor joins the team at NBC, offers advice for Dems on impeachment

Clinton insider and Robert Mueller’s “pitbull,” Andrew Weissman, has a new job at NBC.

In case there were any doubts about where Weissman leans politically, the leading Russiagate prosecutor coached Democrats in his NBC debut on Wednesday on how to effectively go about impeaching President Donald Trump, the Washington Examiner reported. Weissman, a friend of Hillary Clinton, told Democrats to focus on an “election interference” theme and play up comparisons between Trump and Richard Nixon.

Election interference?

If there were such a thing as accountability in Washington, the phonies in the Swamp who pursued Trump over the Russia collusion hoax would retire in disgrace from politics. But the media no longer has any shame, which means that these people have instead been rewarded with gigs in the anti-Trump press.

Now, from the coffee table at Orange Man Bad, Inc., they’re giving out unsolicited advice on how to keep the coup moving forward. Even Weissman, who led a failed political fishing expedition to nab Trump in a collusion hoax that kept the nation hostage for almost two years, would like to share his two cents on how Democrats should go about round two.

After the first day of public impeachment hearings left many saying that the greatest show on earth had failed to deliver, Weissman said that Democrats need to pivot away from the boring policy stuff about military aid — which is arguably the bread-and-butter of the whole kerfuffle — and make the impeachment pop by focusing on the narrative that Trump tried to interfere in U.S. elections.

“I would have spent less time about what it meant for Ukraine and…American policy and a little bit more on the fact that what the president…was doing was cheating on our election,” Weissman told MSNBC’s Ari Melber, according to the Daily Caller.

Weissman called House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff’s (D-CA) opening statement “excellent” and in a separate appearance on Chuck Todd’s Meet the Press, saying that “the more times you can analogize this to Watergate, which was also about election interference, the better. Because that was election interference that also didn’t work, and there wasn’t a single person in Watergate who was thinking this doesn’t matter,” he added.

Weissman also attacked Republicans for raising “confusion” with their questions.

Russiagate 2.0

But if Russiagate was supposed to be “bigger than Watergate,” and Russiagate turned out to be nothing, then where does that leave Weissman’s PR plan?

The strategy, per Weissman, is to make an impeachment hearing about Ukraine not actually about Ukraine, but about something that never actually happened: supposed election interference by the president. This “election interference” consisted of a request by Trump to have Ukraine investigate one of our corrupt political elites, Joe Biden — a request that went nowhere — in exchange for military aid that Ukraine eventually received in the form of deadly Javelin missiles that the Obama administration never gave them.

Most reasonable people couldn’t be led to believe that a president should be impeached over such arcane nonsense, hence the necessity that the mainstream media pump out garbage propaganda to make the impeachment about something else, the so-called “election interference.” If there was something there, the Democrats wouldn’t need any pyrotechnics to make the story more captivating.

Weissman now joins the “Get Trump” halls of media fame, along with Andrew McCabe, James Comey, and other top Trump foes who left the Washington Swamp for jobs in the liberal media. Meanwhile, his former boss, Mueller, hasn’t been mentioned much in the media since he single-handedly killed off the Russia hoax in a July hearing.

Of course, when Weissman led the Mueller probe, many Republicans speculated that the prosecutor, who attended Hillary Clinton’s election night party, had worked against Trump. And with Weissman now giving impeachment legal advice, there aren’t many reasons left to doubt it.

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